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“Walk on the water with the Skivass” at Lecco

  • “Walk on the water with the Skivass” at Lecco


Date : 18/06/2018
Location : None

On Saturday 23rd June, in the gulf of lecco, join us for the “Walk on the water with the Skivass”. Held at Malgrate, Lecco, come and see the reproduction of water skis invented by Pietro Vassena in 1932.


The appointment , on the occasion of the historic “Coppa Città di Lecco” organized by the Lecco Canottieri Company, it is part of the collateral events dedicated to Pietro Vassena, in conjunction with the exhibition “The Man Walking on the Water”.


Some samples of the sports world of Lecco, whose names will be officialized in the coming days, will compete in the crossing from Lecco to Malgrate with reproductions of Skivass – designed and manufactured by the inventor Pietro Vassena – faithfully reconstructed by Mako Shark of engineer Federico Bonomelli , using the original molds. The initiative sees in the control room the City of Malgrate, the Hidden Light Association, the Vassena Family and the Lecco Canottieri Company with the collaboration of the Manzoni Group Lucie.


Then, on Saturday 23rd June, we will be in the Lungolago di Lecco area near the War Memorial, starting at 5.00 pm for the audacious emigrants of Pietro Vassena.


Last October, during the “Interlagina Optimist” regatta, a first exit with the Skivass had already been organized, but the lake conditions had not allowed to complete the crossing from Lecco to Malgrate, which was then re-proposed in this opportunity.


Also remember that the exhibition “The Man who walked on the water. Pietro Vassena, the C3 and the myth of the inventor” will remain open until Sunday, July 22nd. Admission, free of charge, will be possible on Thursday evening, from 9pm to 11pm; Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 7pm. For organized groups, with guided tours, it will be possible, by booking, also access on Wednesday morning (329.0470041 or mail to

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