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GoodGoing! Career Empowering

Date : 19/06/2021
Location : Via Arona, 6, 20149 Milano (MI)

Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Could I work as a consultant? Looking to move forward in your profession? 

  • if you have just graduated and are looking for a job
  • if you are a good professional, but don’t have many contracts
  • if you are an employee looking for new professional challenges inside the same company or elsewhere
  • if you are a manager who wants to “take the plunge” and make that extra step towards something that is truly “yours”
  • if you are a woman returning to work after being on maternity leave
  • if you are not necessarily the most ambitious person but need a “job” to survive in the most literal sense.

There are no simple answers to complex problems.

If you’re looking for a job it’s not enough to respond to a job advertisement, have lots of interviews, have or write a “nice” cv. A single activity is not sufficient, but a series of activities could make the difference!

We are professionals, but that doesn’t mean that we have just worked for companies, set up companies or worked as consultants. For years we have worked alongside people who have moved within the labour market and we know “what to do”. We know because the people we have worked for have moved successfully in the market, first with us and then on their own.

What we offer is ad hoc support depending on requirements in terms of:

  • Career guidance
  • Personality and aptitude tests
  • Career check-up
  • Preparation of instruments for contacting the market (e.g. cv, marketing letters, responses to ads, Linkedin profile)
  • Preparation for selection: preparation for interviews, simulation of interviews, interview follow-up, interview debriefing
  • Use of access channels to the labour market
  • Marketing plan for searching for a job as an employee
  • Business plan for consultancy activities
  • Business model / Business plan for entrepreneurial activities
  • Professional use of network of contracts (professional networking)
  • Assessment and development of web presence (Linkedin, website, Facebook, Twitter, etc).
  • Assessment of employment, consultancy and franchising contracts
  • Assessment of education/training/job
  • Assessment of foreign country options
  • Assessment of an individual’s financial situation.

All of this can be done for individuals and related to the issue of “employment”.

We have specific know-how in various areas and in various markets. We have the market knowledge and work experience to provide the answers people are looking for in very many cases. And even if we can’t give you these answers immediately, we can provide ideas for further analysis through our network of professional contacts.


Through the know-how – which can be provided jointly depending on specific requirements – of the various professionals (e.g. business consultants, business coaches, counsellors, psychologists, company directors, entrepreneurs, labour consultants, labour lawyers, financial consultants) from the GoogGoing! network.

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GoodGoing! Career Empowering

Milan office: Via Arona, 6, 20149 Milano (MI)

Tel. +(39) 389 5605447

Torino office: Strada Chieri 85, 10025 Pino Torinese (TO)

Tel. +(39) 389 5605447


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