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Date : 05/01/2023
Location : Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Easy Milano endorses and supports the Human in Progress Project

To Be Better Together, Because We Are All Different

Human in Progress was established by a group of professionals, psychologists and lawyers, providing a theoretical-practical answer to today’s serious world situation. It is a moral commitment, that to interpret what is happening in our global society with the aim of enriching ourselves with the awareness that only we (each individual) can make a full impact through social and adapted initiatives in a human sense and in respect for otherness, a precious component of each individual.

Human in Progress works with other associations that are committed to humanitarian goals and awareness. Through a presence on social media Human in Progress campaigns for human dignity.

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As a new association, Human in Progress is open to all who recognize the fundamental principles of human dignity.

The Human in Progress Association’s priority campaign is to invite professionals of various disciplines, to open their offices and services to the needs and requests of Refugees.In the same vein, initiatives to promote intercultural encounters and promoting the learning of the Italian language are held in high esteem.

Values ​​& Goals the Human in Progress Association


  • Our differences are to been seen as a wealth, for peoples and individuals.
  • The encounter with The Other teaches the Ego to define itself in reciprocal recognition.
  • Hospitality is a fundamental principle of humanity and civilization.


  • Respect for and protection of the integrity and identity of the human being.
  • Reciprocal promotion and sharing of values.
  • Act through tangible projects and initiatives that will take shape during the course.

Human in Progress Association is comprised of a team of specialists offering psycho therapeutic assistance to refugees suffering from trauma as well as working against all forms of discrimination throughout the world.

The Human in Progress team speaks English, Italian and French


Dr. Giulia Remorino Ibry, founder and President

Working with women requiring psychological help.

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