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English Lessons

Job wanted teaching, reception or other

Date : 26/09/2021
Location : Basiglio

CELTA qualified American teacher with over 30 years experience offers interesting, effective and fun ESL / EFL online Skype lessons for children aged 7 onwards, teenagers and adults.


My overall aim is to motivate, inspire and boost confidence as well as impart knowledge. There is nothing like the undivided attention of a teacher who can engage with where they are, gauge where they need to be and help them get there in a way that is rewarding, constructive and imaginative. We will have a few laughs along the way, too! In all I do, I aim to spark a love of words and confidence in using them. 
I encourage enjoyment of reading and a resilient attitude towards mistakes, which are great teachers!

After a short consultation with either student or parent, I promptly tailor my lessons to your specific needs to ensure your tangible progress. My personality contributes immensely as well – I am friendly, understanding, considerate and supportive. I know where to encourage you more and where to let you absorb the knowledge at your own pace. I also have some experience of successfully helping dyslexic students. I help students to realise their potential in English studies with organisational help and mentoring, as well as a clear focus on academic expectations. I set challenging yet attainable goals in order to support students to improve in their weaker areas and see my students achieve beyond their expectations and surprise themselves with the ease by which they do so. An emphasis is made on engaging your interest and curiosity to create an interesting adventure rather than a passive and dreary burden! You can be sure that with me you’ll easily gain confidence, open up and practice your English in everyday real-life situations without anything holding you back.

When preparing students for IELTS and Cambridge exams, I am particularly skilled at improving students’ grades significantly by honing in on tips and techniques for exam success. Each student is treated as an individual and I adapt my teaching techniques accordingly.

I offer all types of English learning, from ESL to General/Business English to English and American Literature. I teach lessons to anyone, whether a 7 year old needing help learning to read and working on their spelling, an 11 year old or a 15 year old preparing for exams, or a university student working on coursework. I can also provide tutoring for business professionals and adults. My teaching approach is totally catered to each person- some people prefer really structured classes, some prefer a more relaxed format; some people need extra help with grammar whilst others need to focus on their comprehension skills. We can figure out the best structure for you, together!

I am patient, approachable and enthusiastic. I enjoy helping students improve their general English, working on everything from vocabulary, grammar, idioms, spelling, writing, enunciation, reading, speaking, listening… and more!

Therefore, whether you would like to become fluent in English for personal or professional reasons, study or work in a foreign country – give it a go, you will be satisfied with your decision.

In terms of online classes, it has been widely acknowledged that they go very well and are exceptionally convenient. About 15 years ago, I completely switched to online teaching since my students and I came to a conclusion that online classes were much more efficient due to the advantages they offer:
  • The comfort of your home as a place of studying;
  • There is no need to commute;
A possibility to continue with your classes even if you move to a different city/country or travel a lot on a regular basis;
  • And many more, the list goes on 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!


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