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Live Theatre in English Dates & Performances

  • Live Theatre in English Dates & Performances
Date : 05/10/2020
Location : Milan


English Theatre Milan invites you to a performance of


A Farce by John Maddison Morton

Wednesday 7 October at 6pm or 9pm (the play lasts 50 minutes) 

Please phone 347567142 or email to book your ticket and receive further information about the venue (in Piazza Repubblica), including how to get there.

Box and Cox, our second in house production, is adapted and directed by Sal Cabras and Maggie Rose. Our cast of young bilingual actors, including Harriet Carnevale (Box), Giacomo Carson (Cox) and Maria Coduri (Mrs Bouncer), bring a distinct freshness and energy to the play. Costumes by Susan Marshall; makeup: Ana Jeric.

The Plot of Box and Cox 

Box and Cox is an exhilarating 19th century farce, with a highly entertaining plot: Mrs Bouncer, a devious Victorian landlady, rents the same room to two young men, unknown to them: Cox, a hatter, sleeps there at night, while Box, a printer, uses the room in the daytime. When the two men meet mayhem breaks loose, and Mrs Bouncer is forced to confess. But the bizarre and unlikely surprises race along: Box and Cox discover they share the same fiancée, Penelope Anne, a middle-aged widow and the owner of hundreds of seaside chalets, whom neither of them really wants to marry. A final unexpected twist suggests the two might even be long-lost brothers.


Are you a secondary school teacher looking for a project to involve your students in? English Theatre Milan may have the solution for you.

ETM in collaboration with Teatro Out Off are proud to present Box and Cox, an amusing Victorian farce by John Maddison Morton, adapted and directed by Sal Cabras and Maggie Rose. The show will be staged at the Out Off Theatre in the morning, but is also ready to go on tour in schools from mid-November. The props and costumes fit inside a suitcase, so wherever your school is we can reach you. Box and Cox is particularly suitable for secondary school students, as it can easily combine teaching and entertainment, brilliantly addressing issues such as migration, identity, family, and the difficulty of finding accommodation in a big city. Moreover, students will have access to different varieties of spoken English, thanks to our bilingual cast formed by Harriet Carnevale (Box), Giacomo Carson (Cox) and Maria Coduri and Anna Dyshleva (Mrs Bouncer). The 50 minute performance can be followed by workshops (one or two hours) organised by Maggie Rose, a specialist in British theatre and performance, together with the actors. Students will have the opportunity to directly experience different theatrical languages (body language, voice and music) by performing a few scenes from Box and Cox, together with the chance of practicing some different accents and varieties of the English language in an engaging and stimulating way while reflecting, at the same time, on why theatre is still a powerful and significant medium in our technological age.

Please contact the organiser, Valeria Nobile,

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