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Printer Leasing and Pro Services for Business Owners in Milan

Date : 08/10/2021
Location : Via Fermi, 45 - 20019 Settimo Milanese - Milan - Italy

Do you have a Business in Milan ? We can help!

Do you have a business ?

If so you probably you may need to print documents in paper.

You can do it either by buying your own printer, your own ink/toner cartridges, managing installation and faults by yourself, or outsource all of this to us.

We offer long term “All Inclusive” lease of printers, with a wide selection of brand/models to get the needs of professionals, Small and Medium Enterprises, or big Companies.

While we are mainly focused in Milan and sorrounding area, we can manage installation and maintenance for our customer branches thoughout all Italy.

Our free Analysis:

  1. We will talk with you in order to understand your business needs and print volumes
  2. Based on the analysis we elaborate which is the best configuration in order to offer the performance you need with the lowest cost in the long term
  3. As a result we provide you with a proposal than you can analyze

How our service work:

Based on the analysis we offer a monthly fee that includes:

  1. Usage of the printer(s) proposed for all the duration of the contracts (usually 60 months)
  2. All consumable parts (includes Ink/Toner cartridges, any consumable parts, with the exception of the paper and electricity)
  3. Maintenance for any fault caused by either defect of the product or usage, for all the duration of the contract
  4. Remote monitoring: every day we get in touch with your printer in background, so we know when your Ink/toner is near to its end and can provide you with ink/toner in advance, delivered to your office without any additional cost.
  5. Training and support

Is it better to buy a printer on your own, or to get it as a service ?

If you print at least 500 pages (1 stack of paper) per month the cost of a budget printer represent a minimal part of the total costs you will sustain for inks/toners and maintenance in the long time.

We usually are more competitive (in terms of total costs) than the “do by yourself” method, because we analyze everything: we know the durations of the printer and its own components and we take on us all those costs: this allows us to find the ideal configuration that grat to as (and to you) the minimal possibilities of faults.

A professional printer is better than a budget printer: it usually has better quality, better performances.

Is it a solution viable only for big businesses ?

No, we can offer competitive solution for any kind of business, starting from € 30+VAT per month.

How can you understand if this is a good solution for my business ?

Get in touch with us: our analysis is free and, once you have it, you will be able to decide what is best for you.

Please consider we can work with you only if you have a VAT number.


Our contacts:

Tel. 02-46712544

Website (sorry, this is only in Italian, but we can speak/email in English):



Digital Rice S.r.l. – Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milan) HQ – Office in: Via Fermi 45 – Settimo Milanese  (Milan)

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