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Milano, MI, Italia

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I'm here to share with you all the weekly event in English I've been organizing in Milan, since June 2010. During my "previous" life, I had the change to live and work in different countries, both in and out of Europe. The people I met could speak or at least communicate in English. After I came back to Italy, I realized that our school system doesn't help us properly… too much theory and little practice. So, with a friend, we decided to start our Happy Hour in English… It happened in June 2010! Today, after my friend moved back to London, I'm here again… still as enthusiastic as in the beginning! I'm not a PR so I don't get money out of it. Indeed, the deal with the pub is to have a discount for my "guests". Anyway, the event takes place every Wednesday night, from 8:00 pm at Palo Alto Cafè - Corso di Porta Romana, 106 Milan. It's very close to Crocetta tube station on the yellow line. The link on my profile takes you to my group page on Facebook. I hope to see you all for some fun while meeting new English speaking friends. Cheers, Andrea

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Happy Hour in English in Milan… Summertime 🌞

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  • Malt Brasserie & Whisky House - Via San Galdino, 8 - Milan (MM5 Gerusalemme or Cenisio)
Posted: 28/06/2021


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