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Reader Questions: Can I go to San Siro Stadium with my CDC certificate?

Reader Questions: Can I go to San Siro Stadium with my CDC certificate?

Dear Easy Milano,

Hello! I have a doubt regarding entrance into San Siro Stadium with my CDC card. Although all the Italian official health authorities have validated the American CDC card as an equivalent to their green pass it still doesn’t have a QR code. I am going in November to Milano to watch some soccer games and every time I call San Siro stadium to make sure my CDC card works they keep asking for a QR code, our card doesn’t have one and there is no way to get an Italian green pass since I am not an Italian. Any help or information you can provide?

G.B. (USA)

Dear G.B.,

The San Siro stadium is home to both AC Milan and Inter football clubs. According to the Inter website you may enter San Siro with the following conditions:


From 6 August 2021 all persons – except minors aged 12 or under and those exempted – must be in possession of a Green Pass (EU Digital COVID Certificate) to access the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. The Green Pass or equivalent certification must certify one of the following conditions:

  • full vaccination against COVID-19,
  • administration of the first dose (in the case of two-dose vaccines),
  • recovery from COVID-19
  • or a negative result for a molecular or rapid antigenic swab in the 48 hours prior to your visit.

The CDC certificate is considered the equivalent of the green pass- here is a link to the official document of the Health Minister stating such:

Premier TEFL's World of TEFL Guide is the official government website for the Minister of Foreign Affairs Italy.

The green pass is an EU document and issued by EU states.  Extra-European countries do not all offer qr codes and if they do are not linked to the system.

The apps that read and validate the EU Green pass, cannot validate foreign certificates. 

The only thing we could suggest is to bring a copy of the Health Ministry document (pdf link above), and your CDC certificate. Hopefully whoever is checking your ticket will understand that your certification and your right to enter is valid.  

See the US Consulate covid-19 webpage for updates:

Best of luck and enjoy the match!

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