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Green Pass, Super Pass, Mega Pass: More Covid-19 Regulations in Italy (February update)

Green Pass, Super Pass, Mega Pass: More Covid-19 Regulations in Italy (February update)

MILAN- updated 03/02/2022 –  About one million and 680 thousand people, have not yet received the first dose of the vaccine in Italy despite the efforts of the national vaccine campaign. The Omicron variant of the covid-19 virus has spread in recent weeks through Italy. Although reports tell the story of a “less life-threatening” covid-19 virus, the number of hospitalizations is rapidly increasing, and a new chapter of the pandemic has begun.

Lombardy is now considered YELLOW ZONE. Unlike last year when there were curfews, wearing masks and needing a green pass is still essential in all public areas and venues.

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Flights, railways and public transportation have been interrupted as employees call in sick or remain in quarantine. Many regions, including Lombardy have been designated “yellow”.

According to the Italian Health Ministry, regions of Italy are: (Last government update Jan 24, 2022)

  • White zones, low risk: Basilicata, Molise and Umbria;
  • Yellow zones, moderate risk: Calabria, Campania, Emilia Romagna,  Lazio,  Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Puglia, Sardinia, Tuscany, Veneto and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano;
  • Orange zone moderate to high risk: in Valle d’Aosta, Abruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont and Sicily.
  • Learn more.

Since June 2021, it has been required to have a “green pass” to travel and attend public events and venues. The digital QR code proves vaccination or recovery within the last 6 months or a negative result for Covid-19 within the last 48 hours.

Patrons must show a verified QR code with proof of vaccination when entering restaurants, museums, cinemas, theatres, gyms and other public places.

The Italian Ministry of Health has now implemented new rules and regulations. For some activities, a Basic Green pass is no longer valid, and the validation period has been reduced. A new “Super Green Pass” now is required.  

VerificaC19, the app used to check the validity of a Green Pass has recently been updated to identify three categories:

  • Basic Green Pass
  • Super Green Pass
  • Mega Green Pass

These are not the “official” names of the certificates but are common terms used to differentiate what kind of immunization is associated with an individual health card code.

Basic Green Pass – indicates two doses of the vaccination or recovery from covid-19 or a swab within the last 48 hours.

Since the publication of the decree during the holidays on December 23, 2021, the “Basic Green Pass” will lose validity.

The Basic Green Pass is no longer valid for entering restaurants, public venues, or public transportation and facilities such as gyms and spas.

Super Green Pass – indicates two doses of the vaccination or recovery from covid-19.

Implemented on December 6th and will remain valid until the end of the state of emergency, set for March 31, 2022, the “Super Green Pass” indicates two doses of vaccination or recovery from covid-19 within the last 6 months.

The Basic Green Pass was replaced by the Super Green Pass and is needed for sporting events, theaters, indoor bars and restaurants, parties and public ceremonies, ski resorts and hotels.

Additionally, from January 10, 2022, the Super Green Pass will be needed to enter museums and cultural venues, but also for access to swimming pools, gyms, team sports, wellness centers, changing rooms and showers. And also for spas, amusement parks, social and recreational centers, game rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos.

A Super Green Pass (indicating 2 doses of the vaccine) is need for:

  • Public transportation
  • Post offices
  • Banks
  • Libraries
  • Shopping centers
  • All public venues, museums, theaters, culture centers

Discos are still closed but are authorities are discussing openings from Feb.10, 2022.

The Mega Green Pass indicates three doses of the vaccination

The “Mega Green Pass” is the latest evolution of the green pass and is issued after a third dose (booster shot). 

From December 30, 2021 a Mega Green Pass, will be needed to enter nursing homes Alternatively, you can visit loved ones in a nursing home with the Super Green Pass and a negative rapid or molecular test. 

If a region passes into a “yellow” or “orange” zone indicating a higher risk factor, access to public venues, events and services will be further limited.  

A Mega Green Pass (indicating 3 doses of the vaccine) is need for:

  • Visiting nursing homes
  • Visiting prisons

Vaccination mandates 

From Feb. 1, 2022, vaccination is obligatory for anyone aged 50 or older (announced Jan 8, 2022). A one-off fine of 100 euro will be issued to anyone who has not complied by February 15th. Fines will be issued after cross-referencing data from the Health Ministry and Revenue Agency.  

From February 15th, public and private workers 50 and over as well as freelancers subject to the obligations entering the workplace without the required certification, fines will be from 600 to 1,500 euros.  Workers not able to provide documentation can be suspended without pay as an “unjustified absence” yet still keep their jobs.

Vaccination is also required for university staff, regardless of age.

Mandatory FFp2 Masks

Masks and face coverings are once again mandatory in public places, even outdoors.

The holiday decree came with a new addition: FFP2 masks are mandatory  in specific situations:
– shows open to the public that take place indoors or outdoors in theaters, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment venues and live music and in other similar premises;
– sporting events and competitions taking place indoors or outdoors
– accessing and using: commercial flights; ships and ferries used for interregional transport services; trains used in interregional, Intercity, Intercity Night and High Speed passenger transport services; buses and coaches for transport services between more than two regions; buses and coaches used for rental services with driver; cable cars, gondola ski lifts and chairlifts if used with the closing of the screen domes; all means of local or regional public transportation;
– for people who have had close contact with a confirmed positive COVID-19 case and who, on the basis of the regulations in force, are not subject to quarantine but only to self-monitoring, up to the tenth day following the last exposure to positive subject.

In the upcoming weeks, regulations and access to public places and services will vary according to the type of green pass you have. Click here to see an illustrative table of when and where you need a Green Pass.

Regulations are constantly changing so be sure to check official websites for updated information.

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Illustrative table of when you need a Green pass (in Italian)

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger

Article by C. Abernethy

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