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Living in Italy: Third Dose of the Covid-19 vaccination

Living in Italy: Third Dose of the Covid-19 vaccination

Our inbox is full! As an online publication for expats living in Italy, vaccinations for foreigners, the green pass, and questions about the covid-19 third dose come to us frequently. In this article, we try to answer some of your questions. This is not intended as medical advice, always consult a physician. Click here to contact Easy Milano.

How to get the third dose or booster shot of Covid-19 vaccination in Italy

The campaign for the booster shot for Covid-19 is now being offered in Italy. Free vaccinations are being offered to all residents registered with the Italian healthcare system.

The third dose of the vaccination is recommended for anyone over 60, anyone with severely weakened immune systems, for staff and guests of RSA facilities (residential assisted care facilities) and for all health professionals.

Booster shots are available

Booster shots are already available for anyone over 40, considered “frail” or with a weakened immune system.  

How to book a booster shot (third dose Covid-19 vaccine)

The regional website for Lombardy has an online registration form. You will need your SSN number (Carta sanitaria) and your Fiscal code (Codice Fiscale).

Click here to book your booster shot in Lombardy

To find information for other regions, click here: Select your region

When to get the third dose

A booster shot (third dose) can be administered 6 months following the second dose. For example, if you received your second dose in June, you may get a third dose from December.  Anyone with compromised health or a weak immune system who has been categorized as “frail” may be prescribed the third dose earlier. Consult your doctor for more information.

Moderna and Pfizer will be available

Although the vaccinations offered in Italy for the first vaccine cycle are AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, only Moderna and Pfizer will be available for the third dose booster shot.

Where to go

Once you book an appointment online you will be given options for vaccination centers near you. Some pharmacies are also offering vaccination services through the regional booking system.

Seasonal flu shot

At some facilities the seasonal flu vaccination is also being offered. You will be able to get both at the same time. Ask for the seasonal flu shot when you check-in.

If the facility does not offer a seasonal flu shot and you would like one, ask your pharmacist or family doctor.  

Is an additional dose or a booster dose of a COVID-19 vaccine necessary?

In answer to this question, the ECDC (European Center of Disease Control) published the following statement:

Based on the current evidence on vaccine effectiveness and duration of protection, at this time there is no urgent need to give booster doses to fully vaccinated individuals in the general population.

However, close monitoring of vaccine effectiveness data, particularly among vulnerable groups at risk of severe COVID-19 and among those living in closed settings, should continue. If vaccines become less effective in one or more population groups, decisions should be adapted accordingly.

Additional doses should be considered for people with severely weakened immune systems. This dose would not be considered a ‘booster’, but an extension of the primary vaccination series as these persons may not be adequately protected from the primary series. An additional dose could also be considered as a preventative measure to older frail individuals, in particular those living in closed settings (e.g. long-term care facilities). This is due to emerging evidence that in older age groups and residents in long-term care facilities, vaccines can become less effective.

Booster doses are given to fully vaccinated people (i.e. people who have completed a primary vaccination) to restore protection after it has waned. More solid data are needed to inform future policies on booster doses. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) assesses the data on additional doses and on booster doses in order to consider whether updates to the product information are appropriate.Source

For questions about the vaccine and side effects, consult your doctor.

This article last updated: Nov 18, 2021

Written by Anthony Ryan for Easy Milano

Easy Milano makes every effort to provide accurate and updated information. The information in this article in no way is indented to be medical advice. Consult a physician and refer to the correct agencies and offices for exact procedures and requirements, links are provided in the article.

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