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Online Poll Results: Possible Mandatory green pass, how do you feel about it?

Online Poll Results: Possible Mandatory green pass, how do you feel about it?

We asked Easy Milano readers how they feel about the possible “green pass” for socializing in Italy. Here are the results.

(MILAN – July 19, 2021) The Italian government is considering following in France’s footsteps and imposing the use of the “green pass” (digital proof of recovery, vaccination, or a negative Covid-19 test) not only for travel but to enter restaurants, discos, gyms, to attend weddings, conferences, and other public venues. If approved, the new rules could be put into effect as early as July 26.

We wanted to get an idea of what Easy Milano readers thought about these new measures, so we conducted an informal poll on social media with following question:

Mandatory “green pass” How do you feel about it?

The “green pass” is proof of vaccination, recovery from covid-19 or negative swab. The Italian government is considering making it mandatory to be able to go to bars, restaurants, discos, gyms and other venues. How do you feel about this?

1. I like the idea

2. I hate the idea

3. I’m indifferent

All in all, very few readers agreed with the idea or had mixed feelings, but an overwhelming number of readers were outright against the idea of a mandatory green pass for going out to restaurants, gyms and other venues.

Surprisingly, some even implied that Covid-19, the vaccination campaign and government imposed preventive measures are designed to control and take away citizens’ rights and freedoms.

Although choice 3 “I’m indifferent” was to indicate lack of interest, we found that some readers actually had mixed feelings.

The results:

Mandatory “green pass” How do you feel about it?

5%   like the idea.

85% hate the idea.

10% answered with mixed feelings.


The 5% of supporters of the idea are in favor of making the green pass mandatory for going out, participating in events, and going to other public venues.  Here are some of their comments:


“Share the idea! Already experienced it in NL and it’s nothing like that. It only gives peace of mind and help to create the immunity herd.”


“Love the idea, the US is a sh*t show once again with out-of-control covid because of the ‘honor system’.”


On the other hand, 10% of readers have mixed feelings. They can see the benefits of having enhanced regulations to help curb the Covid-19 virus but also have some reservations. Here are some of their comments:


“I think everyone should get vaccinated but I don’t like this idea.”


“Freedom doesn’t include the ability to make others sick, especially kids and immunocompromised that can’t be vaccinated. Freedom does include the ability to stay away from others if you don’t get vaccinated.”


“It depends; discos and concerts and big events including sports, YES! Other ordinary stuff, a big NOOOO!”


 “I don’t like or hate the idea, but I do think that if protocols and regulations are in place, each individual must be mindful and responsible.”


The readers who chose “hate the idea” all shared a common belief that this new ordinance was an attempt to take away citizens’ rights and freedoms. Here are some of their comments:

“Complete and utter disgrace and the world needs to claim their freedom back. Refuse these idiotic passes, vaccines that are experimental…. it’s about control and it has been from the beginning. Stop participating to this pandemic with PCR tests …. you’re helping to increase the control even more. Another lockdown is already planned (in May) for September/ October and it’s time to rise ladies and gentlemen!”


 “It’s a bullying tactic. Unethical and totalitarian. I want the freedom to choose how I take care of my body. Because I do.”


“Thats insane! And it’s clearly showing the scam behind this pandemic. They want to use It as a tool to control the masses.”


“Absolute insanity & goes against our human right to be free sovereign human beings!! This won’t last, the old systems will fall eventually.”

To be announced

Authorities are discussing the possibility of making the green pass mandatory and are expected to announce the new regulations within days.

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Reader comments

The above reader comments were taken from an informal poll conducted on social media July 15-19, 2021. All names have been replaced by initials for anonymity and spelling and grammatical errors have been corrected. All opinions expressed by the users are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Easy Milano authors or staff.

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