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Strengthened Orange Zone for All of Lombardy from March 5, 2021

Strengthened Orange Zone for All of Lombardy from March 5, 2021

(MILAN, March 7, 2021) As of March 6, 2021, an area will automatically be designated a high risk “Red Zone” when statistics indicate 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

At the moment Lombardy is “dark orange”, meaning there is strengthened enforcement, road blocks and schools are closed.

(MILAN, March 4, 2021) Attilio Fontana, governor of Lombardy, signed Ordinance no. 714 designating ALL OF LOMBARDY as “dark orange”, orange zones which will have strengthened enforcement, road blocks and checks.

From March 5 to March 14, the entire regional territory enters the ‘strengthened orange’ zone.

From March 5 to March 14 schools in Lombardy will be closed for elementary schools, middle schools, upper secondary schools and professional training institutions. Lessons will take place online through distance learning platforms. Kindergartens are also suspended.

Among the other measures introduced by the Ordinance:
– travel to the so-called “second homes ” and to private inhabited homes, is prohibited
– entrance into commercial activities limited to a single member per family unit,
–  playgrounds and sport areas in parks, villas and public gardens are closed, people with disabilities are exempt
– must wear surgical masks or similar respiratory protection devices on public transport .

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Local communities may be subject to changes, contact your local authorities for updates

(MILAN, March 3, 2021) Lombardy Governor Fontana signed 3 new ordinances designating local communities as “dark orange”, orange zones which will have strengthened enforcement, road blocks and checks.

The provision also concerns other municipalities in the province of Milan, Cremona, Mantua and Pavia.

Mede, Viggiù and Bollate change color

Based on the recommendations of the Commission indicators Covid 19 of the Lombardy Region , and after consulting the Ministry of Health, the president Attilio Fontana signed three ordinances in order to strengthen measures to prevent and fight against Covid on different areas of Lombardy.

The measures will take effect Wednesday 3 March, and will be valid until Wednesday 10 March inclusive.

Mede, Viggiù and Bollate from red to dark orange from 4 March

From Thursday 4 March, in consideration of the improvement in the epidemiological situation, Mede in the province of Pavia, Viggiù in the province of Varese and Bollate in the province of Milan pass from red to reinforced orange. This provision is valid until Thursday 11 March inclusive.

The Ordinance establishes the reinforced orange band for all municipalities in the province of Como.

Orange also strengthened in the Milanese, Mantovano, Cremonese and Pavese areas

Viadana, Pomponesco, Gazzuolo, Commessaggio, Dosolo, Suzzara, Gonzaga, Pegognaga, Moglia, Quistello, San Giacomo delle Segnate, San Benedetto Po, Asola, Castelgoffredo, Casaloldo, Medole, Casalmoro, Castiglione delle Stiviere enter in reinforced orange .

In the province of Cremona, in addition to the capital itself, Spinadesco, Castelverde, Pozzaglio and Uniti, Corte dei Frati, Corte de ‘Cortesi with Cignone, Spineda, Bordolano and Olmeneta.

In the province of Pavia, the reinforced orange zone is placed for Casorate Primo, Trovo, Trivolzio, Rognano, Giussago, Zeccone, Siziano, Battuda, Bereguardo, Borgarello, Zerbolò, Vidigulfo.

In the province of Milan, the ordinance concerns Motta Visconti, Besate, Binasco, Truccazzano, Melzo, Liscate, Pozzuolo Martesana, Vignate, Rodano, Casarile.

With new Covid ordinances, schools closed, nursery schools opened

In these municipalities, the suspension of face-to-face teaching is established for all classes of elementary schools, middle schools, upper secondary schools, vocational training institutions. Kindergartens are also suspended.

The measures already adopted for all the municipalities in the province of Brescia are extended for another week, again with the exception of nursery schools. And they are also confirmed for another week for the Bergamo municipalities of Sarnico, Gandosso, Viadanica, Predore, Adrara San Martino, Villongo, Castelli di Calepio, Credaro and for the municipality of Soncino in the province of Cremona.

Article and image: Regione di Lombardia

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