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Easy Milano contains ads and affiliate links. This in no way affects the quality or the integrity of the content.

  • How much does it cost to insert a classified ad?

    Ads are priced by category. Some categories are FREE, while some require a €25 fee to publish. All ads can be featured for an additional cost. See our 'Pricing' page for more details.

  • Why are some ads now paid?

    We want to be able to continue to offer a free service to our users yet we need to maintain the cost of the website. Therefore we have implemented a pay per category model. This allows us to offer the majority of our users to place free ads. In general, private individuals looking for something such as employment wanted, items for sale, language exchanges, etc. can continue to insert free ads, while companies and individuals offering a service or job postings are charged a small fee.

  • How do I pay for my ad?

    Clicking on the ‘Pricing’ page and pay directly there. Payments are processed by Gumroad Inc., our payment service provider in the United States. Only major credit cards and Paypal are accepted as a method of payment.

  • What's the difference between a Standard and Featured Classified Ad?

    Featured classified ads receive more visibility as they are displayed on the Homepage, at the top of the Classified Ad ‘Read & Find‘ page and rotating on the top of the search pages. Featured ads receive extra attention, free editing when necessary and expedite service.

  • Is it possible to promote my business or service?

    Yes, you may highlight your business or service by inserting a ‘Featured Classified Ad’ + ‘Sponsored Social Media Post’ or a ‘Premium Directory Listing’.

  • What is a Premium Directory Listing?

    In addition to the Feature Classified Ad benefits of priority positioning and social media posting, a ‘Premium Directory Listing’ appears in the dedicated ‘Directory’ page located on the main menu bar’. You will also appear in multiple categories, when appropriate, making your services easier to find. Contact us for more information

  • When will my ad appear?

    Classified ads submitted through the website appear online after review by our editor. You will receive an email notification once your ad has been approved. We try our best to process all ads as fast as possible. This will take on average 1 to 3 business days but may take up to 5 business days for non-paid standard classified ads. During the holiday season, all ads may experience some delay.

  • Where will my ad be posted?

    Classified ads appear solely online on and are no longer printed in Easy Milano magazine. All classifieds may appear on Easy Milano social media:, @easymilano, at the editor’s discretion. Only ads that have paid to be featured with a sponsored social media post are guaranteed this service.

  • How long will my ad be visible for?

    Ads submitted on are posted online for a minimum of 90 days and may remain online for an indefinite amount of time. We reserve the right to remove ads after 90 days without notice. You may deactivate or delete your ad at any time by logging in or by sending your request to info[@]

  • How do I make my ad more effective?

    1. Attract readers with a good title. The title is a brief description of your ad and is seen before a reader opens your ad. 2. Always use a photo, image or your company’s logo. 3. Insert a few tags 4. Write a clear description and give as much relevant information as possible. There is no text limit. 5. Use the text style options when appropriate (bold, bullet points, etc.) 6. Provide more than one contact detail (email and phone number) 7. Submit a paid Feature Ad or a Premium Directory Listing for extra visibility

  • How do I post an event?

    Submit your event details and photos by clicking on the ‘Post An Ad’ button. Your event will appear in the dedicated ‘Event’ listing page located on the main menu bar. An event listing will also appear in the same places as a normal classified ad. Be sure to feature it with a sponsored social media post if you want to receive extra visibility.

  • What is your text and photo limit?

    There is no text limit (yippee). Please provide as much relevant detail as possible in your classified ad. All classified ads are allowed up to 3 images, at 800kb per photo.

  • How do I edit or delete my ad?

    Please login to your user profile to edit or delete your existing ad.

  • Could I have an invoice?

    Yes. Once you have paid for an ad, you will receive an email from Gumroad Inc., our payment service providers, with a link to generate an invoice.

  • Is my paid ad refundable?

    I'm sorry. Once your ads has been processed and posted online, it is not refundable. If you have placed an advert and do not need it anymore, you may remove/edit it at any time by logging in to your user profile. Please read through our 'FAQ' page and 'Terms & Conditions' below before placing a classified ad and submitting a payment.

  • Why is my ad not posted?

    If you have inserted an advert in a paid category but have not submitted payment, your ad will NOT be published. If you have submitted an advert in a free category incorrectly which should have been paid – your advert will NOT be published. Please review our ‘Pricing’ page for more details and see our ‘Terms of Use’ for other conditions.

  • What are your Terms & Conditions?

    We reserve the right to edit all ads for readability and correct grammar without notification. We do not rewrite or change the content of ads submitted by users. We may insert a generic photo to ads when appropriate to help it receive more visibility. All corrections to ads can be reversed, edited or deleted by user by logging in. We reserve the right to not publish classified ads that are incomprehensible, appear to be spam, deem to be offensive to readers and/or in conflict with the editor’s ethics or policy, and in such cases, we will refund the ad(s) in full. We do not refund adverts once they have been processed and posted online. If you have placed an advert and do not need it anymore, you may remove/edit it at any time by logging in. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the ads that appear on this site and invite all users to notify us of discrepancies or problems arising from or related to the ads published. Nonetheless, Easy Milano cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect undesired consequences of the content or form of the ads and advertisements appearing on this site and therefore we ask each user to evaluate all contents carefully and critically. The collection of this content is copyright by Easy Milano. It may not be used by third parties without explicit authorization from Easy Milano or the individual authors themselves. The reproduction of such content is a breach of Italian legislation (Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633, Art. 2, com.9) and may result in penal sanctions, and in case of non-Italian nationals may result in expulsion (DL 25/07/98 n. 286, Art. 26 e Legge 6/03/98, n. 40, Art. 24). Users are encouraged to notify episodes of misconduct to

  • What is your Privacy Policy?

    You can read our Privacy Policy here: or click on the link located in the footer below.

  • How do I contact you?

    You may send us an email at info[@] or use the ‘Contact’ link in the footer.