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Personalized Online Language Tutoring


Date : 17/04/2024

Living in Milan as an expat brings countless opportunities, but navigating the intricacies of Italian bureaucracy or mastering the language can be daunting. Fear not, because your gateway to seamless integration and cultural immersion starts here!

Tailored language lessons designed to tackle real-life challenges, from bureaucratic hurdles to everyday interactions.
Engaging conversational sessions that not only improve language skills but also provide insights into Italian culture and customs.

Why Choose Me as Your Guide:

With over a decade of living in various countries, I intimately understand the challenges and triumphs of expat life.
Drawing from my own experiences, I offer personalized support tailored to your unique journey, ensuring you feel empowered and confident every step of the way.

My curriculum spans three months, requiring dedication and effort on your part, but promising tangible results and newfound fluency in Italian.

Contact me today at italiantutoringstefano@gmail.com to schedule your first session.

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