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Date : 05/10/2023

The St. Louis School of Milan started in 1996 with only eight students and has quickly grown into a large community. Today, the Milanese capital hosts three of its locations (Caviglia, Archinto and Colonna) that welcome more than 1700 students of over 50 different nationalities every day.

The Ministry of Education grants its students a certificate of primary education, and allows them to take the Italian 9 Years exam after Middle School. It is a great opportunity, allowing students to grow up stimulated from the very beginning to speak two languages simultaneously. Bilingualism, in fact, is a natural process that begins at an early age. The children will be immersed in an educational context where English is the language of choice for communication, to be consolidated through other co-curricular activities. Music, sport, theatre, and play itself are extraordinary learning vehicles. The international dimension, however, does not exclude the local element, which always remains an important point of reference for the students: Italian language and culture, for example, are part of the programme along with numerous educational initiatives realised in collaboration with the city. Students who are not interested in the course dedicated to the Italian language, however, can choose other topics for further study.

St. Louis School Caviglia

Specifically, St. Louis School Caviglia offers a course of study based on the English National Curriculum and prepares children up to the age of 14 following the Early Years, Primary School and Middle School programmes. The structure is that of a real campus, where, in a serene and welcoming environment, the needs of all three age groups are respected. The spaces house a 100-seat theatre, a library, computer classrooms equipped with the latest technological equipment, while for motor and recreational activities there is a roof top equipped, a gymnasium and an entire sports field. For children from 2 to 5 years old (Early Years), a large garden has been dedicated for outdoor educational activities, where play and learning become one.

After graduating from eighth grade, the children can choose to continue their international studies at St. Louis School Archinto in via Olmetto, ranked by Spear’s Schools Index 2022 as one of the top 10 private schools in Europe and among the top 100 in the world. Here, having passed the two-year IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and the subsequent two-year Diploma Programme, one can obtain the coveted International Baccalaureate Diploma. This award is of fundamental importance if you want to gain access to the best universities in the world.

Take a tour of the Caviglia campus:

St. Louis School stands out for being a constantly evolving school, whose strong point, in addition to a constant updating of programmes and teaching methods, is the possibility of following the parical route in parallel with the Italian one. Having a dual educational opportunity also allows students to develop critical, ductile and open-minded thinking. Being able to move with dexterity from one culture to another, being able to compare oneself with peers of many different nationalities and respect their values and culture, helps broaden one’s horizons, allowing children and young people to fully immerse themselves in an increasingly multi-ethnic global society.

Colonna Campus Open days

13th October

17th November

12th January

Caviglia Campus Open days

5th October

9th November

11th January

For more information about the open days, check here.

Via Enrico Caviglia,- 20139 Milan  Tel:+39 0255231235

Via Marco Antonio Colonna, 24 – 20149 Milan  Tel:+39 0233007523

Via Olmetto, 6 – 20123 Milan  Tel: +39 0236723970


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