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Milan Scottish Country Dancing: A Year Full of Events

Milan Scottish Country Dancing: A Year Full of Events


Milan Scottish Country Dancers

The purpose of MSCD courses is to teach people to “dance Scottish”. This involves learning the basic steps and holds, along with a series of formations which are the essence of Scottish Country Dancing (SCD). 

If you want a better idea of what this means, take a look at the MSCD website (www.milanscd.it) or at one of the other websites that list dances, give instructions and diagrams (so-called “cribs”) and provide links to videos of the dances in question (e.g. www.scottish-country-dancing-dictionary.com). 

However, learning to do SCD also means putting it all into practice. Firstly at the events that we organise internally, and then perhaps at one or more external event, organised by other SCD groups elsewhere in Italy, Europe, the UK (above all Scotland) and even wider afield. SCD is extremely popular in those countries that have a large Scottish diaspora (Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand…). But not only there: one of the largest groups in the world is in Japan. And there doesn’t seem to be a Scot in sight.

At present, the calendar for 2024-25 looks like this:

14/09/24 Welcome Ceilidh (Milan)

16/09/24 SCD courses start (Milan)

23/11/24 St Andrew’s Night (San Donato Milanese) with live music

30/11/24 NIB St Andrew’s Weekend (Marostica)

07/12/24 Aberfeldy Highland Ball (Blair Castle, Blair Atholl, Scotland)

16/12/24 Christmas Party (Milan)

25/02/25 Burns Supper (Milan)

01/02/25 Scotland meets Italy (Milan: first to watch the rugby, then to dance)

16/02/25 RSCDS Winter School (Pitlochry, Scotland)

07/03/25 Iberian Weekend (Vila Seca, near Barcelona, Spain)

11/04/25 Perth Branch Centenary Ball (Perth, Scotland)

07/06/25 End of Season Dance for all course participants (Milan)

So if you are already involved, or would like to get involved, save the dates of the events that interest you the most. And if you are in doubt, I hope this will convince you that we are a very active and sociable group of people, of all ages, who like to get together and share a common interest in an activity, Scottish Country Dancing, that is capable of bringing a great deal more joy into your life.

Why not give it a whirl? Or birl, as we say in Scotland.

Just remember to bring suitable (i.e. flat) shoes.

John Murphy, President, Milan Scottish Country Dancers ASD

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