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How to Find Covid-19 Info for Italy

How to Find Covid-19 Info for Italy

Since November 2020 when the Italian government and Minister of Health implemented a color-coded tier system indicating Covid-19 criticality of each region, restrictions and regulations seem to change as frequently as the weather.  

  • White – low risk areas, no restrictions, wearing a mask is obligatory
  • Yellow – moderate risk areas with some restrictions
  • Orange – medium to high risk areas with restrictions
  • Red – high risk areas with restrictions
  • Some areas are “strengthened areas” which means there are additional road blocks, checks and controls by authorities.

Easy Milano is not a news website, but we want our readers to be informed. We have complied a list of free Covid-19 resources that you can use to find the information you need. This page will be updated as we find new resources. When there is significant news we share it on Facebook and Instagram, follow us for more info.

What color is Lombardy today?

Update June 15, 2021– Lombardy is in the WHITE ZONE read more

Red, Orange or Yellow and now, “strengthened areas” indicate what kind of lockdown or shelter in place restrictions are implemented which are determined by the degree of risk and local statistics reported in each region. Yellow means moderate criticality, Orange means medium to high criticality and Red means the region is on high alert.

See current COVID-19 map of Italy and it’s regional color

How to find out what COVID-19 color the Italy regions:

Italian Government
Each time the color code changes for regions, the government holds a press conference and the   Italian Government website  publishes the Decreto del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri (DPCM), latest news and updates of the government decrees.

The Italian Government website also has a dedicated section to COVID-19 and communications regarding new laws, regulations and announcements regarding coronavirus prevention and control.

Lombardy Region
The Lombardy Region website publishes the latest DPCM and statistics as well in the Health section.

Google / Bing/ Yahoo
Use a search engine. Type “dpcm” in the search bar of the news section of Google, Bing or Yahoo and the latest results will appear.

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At the footer of our homepage there is also a section with COVID-19 resources for The U.S. consulate, British consulate, Lombardy Region, Minister of Health and Civil Protections Minister.

How to find Testing centers

Agenzia di Tutela della Salute (ATS) has an office in each province.
Doctors and pediatricians can book a swab test directly for suspected cases of COVID-19.
ATS Milan has an online swab booking system or telephone 02 85781
For other areas of Italy search in google “ats” and the name of your province for your local ATS office.

Red cross
The Red Cross offers FREE testing in large cities. In Milan at The Milan Central Station.

It is possible to carry out free rapid antigen tests every day from 7:30  to  11:00  and from  15:30  to  20:00 at the Milano Centrale station, Galleria delle Carrozze (on the street level of Piazza Duca d’Aosta, entrance to the subway ).

To perform the test it is necessary to register with your personal data by going in person to the station any day from 7:30. After registration, the user will be notified of the time slot to return to the workstation and carry out the test on the day of registration.

NB:  Acceptances will be made in a number compatible with the ability to process swabs, turnout and sanitation needs.

For more information write to tamponi.milanocentrale@cri.it

Private Clinics
Hospitals and private clinics like Synlab and GVM offer private testing for a fee.

How to find COVID-19 Statistics for Italy

Lombardy Region News

Civil Protection Ministry
The Italian government Civil Protection Ministry has a comprehensive, detailed  Covid-19 map and statistics of Italy.

Lombardy Region
The Lombardy Region News Homepage posts daily updates on Covid-19 swabs, confirmed cases, recovery and mortality. There is also a breakdown of each province.

World Health Organization
Click on the global map of the WHO website to find Italy or other countries worldwide.

Use a search engine. Type “statistics covid-19 italy” in the search bar of  Google, and the latest charts and graph results will appear.

Wikipedia volunteers update world data and statistics monthly. To find statistics for Italy, you can click the country name in the tables or go to the  Covid-19 Pandemic in Italy page which has statistics specific for Italy.

Statista is a private data firm offering statistics and marketing reports but there is also a loto free information on the site. offers some free.

How to find Travel Advisories for Italy

Ministry of Health Italy
The Ministry of Healthy for Italy has a dedicated section for travel to and from Italy.  Depending on your departure and arrival destination, rules and regulations may vary.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Italy
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created a comprehensive website called ViaggiareSicuri.it for travelers going to and from Italy. There is also a section about travel within Italy.

U.S. Embassy in Italy
The embassy and consulate website offer travel information to Italy on entry and exit requirements, movement restrictions, quarantine, Covid-19 testing, vaccines and other important information.   

U.S. Department of State
The U.S. Department of State issues frequent reports and advisories for U.S. citizens traveling to Italy.

U.K. Government
The U.K. Government website provides foreign travel advice for Italy.

Center for Disease Control (CDC)
The CDC provides a color-coded global map indicating risk assessments for international travel. Clcik the country you are interested in for information.

World Health Organization
The WHO has issues general statements of travel advice and precautions which can be found on the website. News updates for travelers are also available on the WHO website.

Your Embassy
Contact your country’s embassy in Italy for special travel advisories and regulations for Italy.

As we find more resources, we will update this page. Contact us if you have a resource to share with us, or sign up for the  EasyMilano.com  newsletter for updates.

Article by Anthony Ryan, Easy Milano

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