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A Guide to Car Sharing in Milan

A Guide to Car Sharing in Milan

Did you know that Milan has the biggest car-sharing system in Italy? This system has first been introduced in 2001 due to its easy convenience and is currently present with five operators offering this service. This article is your guide to understanding how car sharing works in Milan.

Car Sharing Options in Milan

Station Based Car Sharing


Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Milan’s station-based car sharing system is led by E-Vai, which offers car sharing options for individuals, companies, freelancers, institutions and communities. E-Vai has over 300 stations available in more than 120 municipalities throughout the Lombardy region. Whether you’re looking to rent a car for a few hours or for a whole day, this operator offers both methods of renting. You have the freedom to travel freely outside of the Lombardy region, but keep in mind that there are additional costs of €20 for choosing to return the car at a different spot than the pick-up location. 

Now, how to register? Start by downloading the official E-Vai app and register your account. It is recommended to do this at least two days before you are looking to rent a car, as the activation process can take up to 48 hours. After you receive an email confirming your activation, you will be able to search for cars in your area. You can make a reservation up to 24 hours in advance, which is recommended to do to ensure vehicle availability. After your booking is confirmed, the car will be waiting for you. When it is time for your ride, open the car from the app and follow the instructions to successfully start the rental. You will have to select the car park where you want to end the rental. After doing so, enjoy the ride and finish the rental in the app by activating the locking of the doors. 

The rates for renting a car with E-Vai vary based on rental, location and drop-off point. For a minimum rental of 3 hours, the hourly rate is €8 with 70km included in rental, then €0.19/km starting from the 71st km. Opting for a daily rental with a minimum of 6 hours comes at a rate of €48 with 70km included, then €0.19/km starting after that. You can find a detailed list of the prices here.

Download E-Vai on Appstore or Google Play.

Free Floating Car Sharing

E+ Share Drivalia

Photo from E+ Share Drivalia

E+ Share Drivalia offers a fleet of free-floating electric cars that have no parking restrictions. To register with E+ Share Drivalia, download their official app and follow the same steps as previously mentioned for E-Vai. You can park your rental in any legal parking space including the white, blue or yellow strips normally reserved for residents. Make sure that you don’t block traffic or a private property entrance to avoid fines. After you lock the vehicle on the app, your ride is complete.

This operator offers two different plans. You can choose between paying-per-use and a prepaid plan that includes a certain number of minutes per month. Both of these plans require a registration fee of €20, but if you go on their website or their app, you can often find discounts to register for only €0.99. If you are someone who often uses the car sharing service, choosing a prepaid plan can be of great use. If you don’t want fixed monthly charges, choose the pay-per-use plan and pay only for the minutes that you use the vehicle.

The prices for renting a car with E+ Share Drivalia vary depending on the chosen plan. A monthly prepaid plan that includes 120 minutes starts at €19.99, then €0.39 per minute from the 121st minute. If you choose a pay-per-use plan, then you pay a flat rate of €0.39 per minute. The maximum daily rate for both plans is €69,99/day, with the possibility of keeping the car for one or more days from the start of the rental period. You can find a full list of the prices here

Download E+ Share Drivalia on Appstore or Google Play.


Photo from ShareNow

ShareNow is the leading car-sharing operator in Europe that is offering a fleet of free-floating cars,  including both traditional and electric models. They are offering services for long-term and daily car sharing, for businesses, for students and even for novice drivers. 

The registration for this operator is a simple process. Download the app and register your account. You can rent a vehicle right away by choosing the one closest to you from the Home Area. Unlock the car by pressing the button on the app and choose from the different rates they offer. You can rent a vehicle for any amount of time from one minute up to 30 days. Start your vehicle right away and enjoy the ride! Keep in mind that you can drive outside of the Home Area, but you must return there to park the car.

Tip: You can receive credits towards your next trip just by refuelling the car before ending your trip. You just have to find a partner fuel station close to you, then choose the ‘Refuel’ option from the app, which will generate a barcode. After scanning the barcode and fueling the car, you can drive away and continue your ride, as ShareNow will automatically take care of the payment.

To rent a car with ShareNow, the prices go as low as €0.19/minute, €9.99/hour plus €0.19/km or €19.98/day plus €0.19/km. No monthly fees are required; however, if you are a frequent car-share user, you can choose a monthly subscription that stars at €29.99 that helps you save up to 50% off the minute rate. You can find more details on the pricing options here.

Download ShareNow on Appstore or Google Play.


Photo from Enjoy

Enjoy is another car-sharing operator that offers a fleet of more than 350 vehicles in Milan. You can choose between three vehicles according to your needs: a small XEV YOYO perfect for the narrowest streets of Milan, a comfortable and easy to drive Fiat 500 and a larger Fiat Doblo perfect for those who want to move cargo. 

Enjoy follows the same registration process as the other car-sharing operators in Milan. Remember to check the areas where you can drive freely and keep in mind that you can only end the rental in Enjoy’s coverage area

The prices for renting a car with Enjoy vary depending on the chosen package and the vehicle. You can choose between a pay-per-minute rate or a prepaid hourly rate, both starting at €0.29/minute with up to 50km included, then additional fees depending on the chosen vehicle. The costs for prepaid daily rates are offered on booking. You can find more details on the different packages here.

Download Enjoy on Appstore or Google Play.


Photo from Zity

Zity is another car-sharing operator that offers a fleet of 100% electric cars all around Milan.  Zity follows the same easy and quick booking process on the app. You can move freely inside and outside of the city, but keep in mind that you can only start and finish a rental within the Zity Zone.

The prices for renting a car with Zity start at €0.21 – €0.41/minute for a standard rate. If you’re interested in flat rates, Zity offers a variety of options that help you save on longer journeys, whether you need a car for 4 hours or 3 days. The flat rates offered are €39.99 for 4 hours, €49.99 for 24 hours, €99.99 for 48 hours and €129.99 for 72 hours. You can find the pricing policies here and the Savings Pack options on the official Zity app.

Download Zity on Appstore or Google Play.

As you can see, car-sharing in Milan is a simple and eco-friendly process that simplifies your transportation needs. Explore the various options that the city offers, choose what suits you best and navigate conveniently in-and-out of Milan!

Article by Alexandra Ciunca for Easy Milano

Featured image by Marco Trovò

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