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Adventure Parks in Italy – great time for friends and family!

Adventure Parks in Italy – great time for friends and family!

Adventure parks (parchi avventura) are a fairly new phenomenon in Italy, but there are quite a few that are really worth visiting. On top of being great places where everybody, children and grown ups, they will give you the chance to see Italy in a different light. You can have lots of fun, feel the adrenaline, share great emotions and often achieve goals you would have never expected to achieve.  Here is a short selection of adventure parks from which to pick.

Parco avventura Mont Blanc, Pré-Saint-Didier, Valle d’Aosta

ponte Parco Avventura Mont Blanc-7bccfed9-bbcd-4890-abfa-bf4e7be66fc2

A couple of hours drive from Milan and you’ll find yourself walking on a breathtaking aerial walkway right in front of Mont Blanc. For an extra 13€ you can pulley above the “orrido” (Mont Blanc revine) and enjoy the rest of the day having fun at the feet of Europe’s tallest mountain, in the biggest and oldest Parco Avventura of Italy, climbing up and down 7 different ways.

Inside there’s a lovely restaurant that looks just like a chalet where you can have your lunch or drink a coffee or you can dispose of the picnic area.

Pulley over the “orrido”
Tel. 335.591.8089

9.30 – 18.30 (20.00 in July and August) every day from May. Now open only on weekends.
Prices per day per person: adults 25€, young adults 21€, children (below 1.40 cm) 15€



Parco avventura Resinelli, Lecco

Resinelli_2 Resinelli_1

Only one hour and a half drive from Milan, spreading at the feet of the famous and threatening Grignetta (favourite climbing spot of the great Walter Bonatti, K2, Italian Expedition, 1954 first ever on the K2) you can have fun in this nice place, simple but rich in activities followed by a professional team.

You can climb up and down the ways but you can also canoeing and paragliding. Just ask them how.

If tired or caught by bad weather, you can have a look at the old mines only a few steps away.
Tel. 329.164.6389

Prices are by the hour, average: 15€.


Miniere Resinelli, Lecco

Tel. 338.960.9824


 Parco avventura Genova-Righi, Genova


Should the sea be what you prefer instead of a mountain setting, Genoa (about one hour and half drive from Milan, but train is highly recommend because of the parking difficulties and the traffic back to Milan) offers a very nice place where to have fun.

The very well made web page illustrates all the ways and their difficulties; on top of that, this parks offers you also a night ride on the ways!

When tired, you can stroll in the charming old “caruggi” (streets) of Genoa and taste the most delicious ice creams ever for what Genoa is rightly famous or taste the lovely focaccia or visit the Europe’s largest aquarium.
Tel. 331.760.7496

Prices: daily and about 18€


Acquario di Genova, Genova


The Acquario di Genova is the largest aquarium in Italy located in the old harbor area of Genoa. It was built for Genoa Expo ’92 to celebrate 500 years since the Genoan Christopher Columbus discovered the “new” world.

There are 15.000 animals of 400 different species of fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

The Acquario di Genova, once a month, hosts 35 kids (7-13 years old) in “Notte con gli Squali” – A night with Sharks to give kids an unforgettable experience to study sharks’ behavior and to sleep with them.

Prices: Adults 25€; Children (4-12 years) 15€; Infants (0-3 years) are free.

Article by Clara Mazzi



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