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Apartment Rental Prices (Milan)

Apartment Rental Prices (Milan)

Studio MoroMilan is a diverse city characterized by its unique mix of both history and the pathway into the future. There are areas rich with history such as the Piazza del Duomo and new modern areas such as the Piazza Gae Aulenti. The city offers many different types of areas to live, from the upbeat Navigli with excellent nightlife, to the quaint Brera district with narrow streets. It also allows for living accommodations that can suit any lifestyle. From college students to families, everyone can find an area that fits them. No matter where you are located, the city boasts an excellent transportation network that includes metro lines, buses, and trams that run throughout the city and make it easy to travel.

Finding the right size of apartment in the city is important as well. Apartment prices are highest in the center of the city and will decrease the further away from the city center and the main ring.

Average price* for:
Studio apartment (monolocale/40m2):
City Center: 900-1300€/mth
Outside of Center: 500-900€/mth

1-bedroom apartment (bilocale/60m2):
City Center: 1300-1900€/mth
Outside of Center: 1000-1400€/mth

2-bedroom apartment (trelocali/100m2):
City Center: 1800-3000€/mth
Outside of Center: 1300-2000€/mth

3-bedroom apartment (4 locali/175m2):
City Center: 3200-4800€/mth
Outside of Center: 1700-2700€/mth

*prices include spese condominiali or condominium charges

Most apartments do not include amenities such as furniture and appliances, so keep this in mind when budgeting and searching for an apartment in Milan.

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