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ATM Milan Transportation Strike Thursday 18 June 2020

ATM Milan Transportation Strike Thursday 18 June 2020

(Automated translation, source ATM) On Thursday 18 June, the Union Base Union (USB Private Work) proclaimed a 4-hour national strike on local public transport “to protect the health and safety of workers and the community in Phase 2; no measures to support LPT workers launched by the government; re-publication of essential services “.

At a territorial level, USB Lavoro Privato Lombardia, in adhesion to the national proclamation, indicated the modalities that vary from city to city.

ATM lines

In Milan, the agitation of the traveling and operating staff both on the surface and on the underground is scheduled from 6 to 10 pm. In compliance with the provisions relating to information for users, the overall average membership rates recorded during the last abstentions proclaimed by the same acronyms, are available for ATM SpA on the Company’s website at the following link

AGI lines

Lines 201, 220, 222, 230, 328, 423, 431, 433 will be subject to delays and cancellations. Departures from the terminus and indicated during published times will be guaranteed : from the beginning of the service until 19:00 and from 23:01 until the end of the service . All journeys departing from 19:01 to 23:00 may not be guaranteed.
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The 965 Pioltello-Milano line could be delayed and canceled from 18 to 22.
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This communication is valid pursuant to and for the purposes of law 146/90 on the regulation of strikes in public services.

Image Benfuenfundachtzig / Pixabay

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