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Mia Milan Image Art Fair

Mia Milan Image Art Fair


March 23 - 12:00


March 26 - 20:00

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MIA Fair Event Office

Email: Phone: +39.02-83241412


Via Moncucco, 35

Milan, Italy, 20135

Milan Image Art Fair, the most important and renowned Italian exhibition entirely dedicated to the photographic image, now in its 12th edition, is back from 23 to 26 March 2023.

For the third consecutive year, SUPERSTUDIO MAXI will host in Milan a collage made of 100 exhibitors, including 16 special projects and over 80 galleries, 30% of which from abroad, which represent the heart of the Main section.

In addition to the Main Section and the awards, MIA Fair also features a series of Special projects: Reportage Beyond ReportageBeyond Photography – Dialogue, Underskin – Stories from Iran.

Inside the Main section, one of the highlights is PHOTO INDEPENDENT, a prestigious international showcase for the work of high caliber fine art photographers.
Started in 2014 in Hollywood, California, this annual photography fair presents a visual montage of today’s diverse photographic landscape by some of the most inspiring talent in the world.
Photo Independent offers an unparalleled international forum for direct contact and exchange between photographers and collectors, curators and art professionals


Erica Kelly Martin 
Los Angeles, CA

Erica Kelly Martin is an artist and photographer, based in Los Angeles, whose work centers on recurring themes of identity, transformation, and the paradox of human existence, condensed in a moment. She photographs people, often in their natural surroundings, depicting their rituals and the manifestations of
their interior lives, as well as landscapes that show the mark of their inhabitants.

Exhibiting at Photo Independent 2023: Ten Thousand Untrue Things
America is a nation of travelers. With the world around us opening up, and the recent dangers shifting to the rear-view mirror, we hit the road.
When we are driving, our family says things we can’t otherwise bear to say, as if only when our eyes on the road can we face our fears. With the stereo on, the window rolled down, the words can see the light of day.
Growing up I was always taught to tell the truth. But some truths were unsayable, and so existed only in silence, in the backsides of facades carefully maintained. If we live in a post truth world, is there a reality to be found in fiction? This series atempts to saddle that median line.


Jessie Chaney
Aspen, CO and Venice, CA

Jessie’s photography draws on traditions of fine art and photojournalism, with a passion for social documentary and anthropology. Her work is influenced by new environments, artits, people and cultures, and illumined by the notion of unseen moments and overlooked details in the magic of the everyday. Her work is influenced by the presence within abandoned spaces, details of lives once lived, capturing an energy that still lingers, while searching for love in unexpected places and seeing beauty in everything.

Exhibiting at Photo Independent 2023: Memory of a Space
Jessie Chaney’s ongoing series Memory of a Space brings into focus numerous forlorn and overlooked sites the artist has encountered in her travels. These abandoned spaces are remnants of progress and change, empty buildings which provide evidence of previous inhabitants. Whether changes of fortune or the construction of new nearby highway leaves such places cut off and ultimately deserted, they still hold many telltale pointers to the lives and loves that once filled them.
While Jessie Chaney’s photographs are essentially devoid of people, they still evoke an aura of humanity. The images tell stories through what has been left behind, fallen into ruin and often subsequently unofficially re-adorned with contemporary imagery. If her imagery conveys an air of nostalgia, it is not intended to be facile. Memory of a Space draws atention to the rapid changes in modern life, while celebrating small mementos of civilization.


Lisa Maione
Kansas City, MO

As an interdisciplinary artist, Lisa brings attention to the formations and externalizations of voice and language through photography, drawing and collage practices. She builds images that emphasize
the residue of memory through assembling and structuring relationships between objects.


Maureen J Haldeman
Malibu, CA

Maureen Haldeman, a native of The Netherlands and raised in Montreal now resides in Malibu, California. After attending art history and fine art photography studies at UCLA she began photographing the natural landscape — primarily abstractions of the ocean. Her interest in abstractions and architecture drew her focus to the urban landscape.



SameSource is a photographic artist with over two decades of professional experience recording images. SameSource fine art photography spans both landscape and bodyscape, often exploring human sexuality and its relationship with art.
With recent showings from the FotoFever, Paris, France, to Art Basel, Miami Beach, SameSource was recently featured in a major show of the
series, Reinterpreted, at Fabrik Projects Gallery in Los Angeles.


Zoe Wiseman
Los Angeles, CA

Zoe Wiseman is a photographer and former model from Los Angeles, California. She spends her artistic endeavors globetrotting with a band of likeminded photographers and models making community surrounding fine art nude photography.

When I approach concepts, I always strive to make nudity secondary to the composition of the image, and to show the strong side of my subjects in honor of the people, landscapes, and spaces I photograph. I’d like the finished work to feel as if the nudity is an afterthought to what is happening within the
frame. I focus more on strength. If I feel that a model’s pose seems submissive, before clicking the shutter I rethink the image and coach the model in another direction. I want all the models I work with to look strong. I hope I have achieved this goal.”
—Zoe Wiseman


Opening by invitation: Wednesday 22 March 2023

Opening hours:
Thursday, 23 March, 12 noon – 9pm
Friday, 24 March, 12 noon – 9pm
Saturday, 25 March, 11am – 8pm
Sunday, 26 March, 11am – 8pm

Full price, €16
Reduced price, €12 (students up to the age of 21)
Affiliated universities, €12
Affiliated institutions, €12
Free entry for visitors with disabilities and for children up to the age of 10

Purchase online on €14

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