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Space to Space Exhibition

Space to Space Exhibition


Polytechnic of Milan

Email: ratiomedia@polimi.it

Polytechnic of Milan

Campus Bovisa - via Candiani 72

Milan, Italy

From 29 February to 3 March Exhibition-event of the Departments of Architecture and Urban Studies and Aerospace Sciences and Technologies of the Polytechnic of Milan with Nolostand Fiera Milano 

The space race, from Sputnik to the next return to the Moon, has always pushed technological culture towards unimaginable limits, dotting the present with discoveries, inventions and problems (scientific but also philosophical) capable of radically modifying our lives.

The exhibition-event Spazio Allo Spazio stages this complexity, through transversal research by fifty students from the Interior Architecture design laboratory who, together with Nolostand (a Fiera Milano Group company) and the Departments of Architecture and Urban Studies and Aerospace Sciences and Technologies of the Polytechnic of Milan reinterpreted the history, present and future of “cosmic space” as a metaphor for “terrestrial space”.

The exhibition-event will be divided into two sections . The first, more introductory one will tell the present, past and future of cosmic space in relation to our daily life through a detailed constellation of drawings, videos, objects and quotes . The second section is made up of six installations inspired by the founding themes of the 75th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) entitled “Responsible Space for Sustainability”, which will take place in Milan, at Allianz MiCo from 14 to 18 October 2024: 1. Earth Observation, 2. Space Exploration, 3. Space Transportation, 4. Space Weather, 5. Safety and Space Debris, 6. In orbit servicing & space robotics.

Devices, audio, video, and performances will propose new points of view capable of giving the general public, through narration and staging, an in-depth analysis of apparently distant cultural contexts, but strongly linked to our life on planet earth.

The Spazio Allo Spazio exhibition-event represents an opportunity to open up advanced scientific research to a wider audience through the use of new means and languages, developed from new points of view or by new generations of Interior Architecture and Installation students , but above all it marks the beginning of an interdisciplinary research on the theme of contemporary exhibition design .

Setup and The Place

The exhibition-event will be set up in a new space: the LaST, Transport Safety Laboratory. Along its 120 meter slide for crash tests, the slender aluminum trusses will give shape to the installations and the exhibition zig-zag on which the thematic constellations dedicated to the gaze that technological research and architecture direct today are presented towards space.

The setup offers a ready-made of the Nolostand setup system in extruded aluminum profiles. In the six installations and in the introductory section, the structural truss is used exposed, showing itself for its aesthetic and formal values ​​and taking on original configurations and uses. It is both an object on display and a device for showing.

Music Video Performance

29 February: First performance 6.30pm / Second performance 9.00pm

The evening event is organized by Le Cannibale which offers the video-musical performance “Live From Space” with Luca Maria Baldini.

The “Live From Space” concert is a live audio/video concert that carries within itself a symbolic component aimed at making people reflect on the relationship between human beings and planet Earth. A show with great visual impact, a project by Luca Maria Baldini and Francesco Ruzzier which sees a small part of the NASA archive given sound.

General Information

Opening: 29 February 2024 at 5.30pm

From 1st to 3rd March 2024 – Opening hours 10am-7.30pm

Location: Polytechnic of Milan Campus Bovisa – via Candiani 72

Laboratorio LaST (crash test)

The event has free admission.

Contacts: Francesca Pierangeli , Media Relations Politecnico di Milano, tel. +39 3666211435 or at ratiomedia@polimi.it

Website: www.polimi.it

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