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Poem: A Rose Has Thorns

Poem: A Rose Has Thorns

A homage to all the women who have lost their lives at the hands of the men they loved.

A Rose Has Thorns
by Brenda Shoreman

Our eyes met across a crowded room
The smile he gave me made my heart go zoom
It wasn’t long before he was standing by my side,
Our conversation was deep and alive
We agreed to continue our talk on the morrow.
It didn’t take long before he’d won my heart
Together we agreed no longer could we live apart.
The journey to the altar was a step we took full of happiness and joy
Roses all over and petals covering the church floor
Our future seemed to have the fairy tale ending…
And they happily ever after
Oh yes, that for a time was just the case
So many pieces easily falling into place
But very slowly I began to perceive the variance in his mood
He showed impatience, irritation, started to give the impression I angered him
I tried so hard even though I really didn’t understand
I seconded his humour which sometimes got out of hand
A jab, a push, a thump
But always where they were imperceivable
When my clothes I did wear.

Today I have had a long, long day
At home from work I decided to stay
The bruise on my face was black and sore
It felt wiser not to put it outside the door.
I prepared a good dinner with loving care
I dressed myself up choosing with attention what I should wear
The table was set attractively
With pretty flowers in the centre between him and me
It all looked so normal, lovely and bright
I secretly prayed that all this hurt and abuse was not beyond repair
Could my attention to all these details mute his anger towards me
Would our love prevail
Our life return to normal
The door slowly opened the tension still there
The smile on my face…well it vanished somewhere
I realised immediately I was walking on ice
His whole attitude towards me was anything but nice.
We sat at our table, I served the food
Trying to overcome the blackness of his mood
To create a semblance of love and affection.
Into our glasses I poured some red wine
My poor heart beat loudly trying to gain a little more time
It took just a second before my castle collapsed
He looked at the steak and exclaimed
“What the hell is that”!
He stabbed the fork into it and looked at me
Before I realised what was happening it landed on my knee
My wine glass fell over, my poor dress was stained
My mind in confusion, my
thoughts all astray
His hand slapping my face caused me much pain
But brought me back to my present danger again
His glass he threw at me, it fell to the floor
Smashed to shards with pieces all o’er
Next I knew I was pushed over on top of all this
He kicked me with force taking direct aim
To harm me at all cost was his intent
As he laughed aloud at my cries of pain
Then suddenly it stopped and he walked away
A sigh of relief I secretly gave
But alas my agony was not ended for today.
There he was standing over me once again
A gleaming article waving in his hand like a magical wand
I realised to my horror this was a knife
T’was then I knew he was threatening my life.
But as he towered above me so powerful and strong
I thought to myself where did our love go wrong.
The knife he then placed touching my throat
I trembled with fear but out of fear could no longer be bold
I then noticed the floor was becoming red
My head felt quite dizzy my legs were getting like lead
But surely he’s joking he cannot really want me dead.
The pressure from the knife was harder to bear
The lake of blood getting redder and redder everywhere
That was when I realised my life was over forever.
Helpless, I could only wait for the end
But my mind floated back to when
Our love and our lives were in full bloom
and beautiful red roses were showered upon me

How sad my very last thought was to be…
Now red roses will adorn the coffin in which they bury me.🌹

This poem was written by Brenda Shoreman.

Brenda is an expat who has been living in Milan for over 40 years and has been a keen reader and supporter of Easy Milano.

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