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<strong>Single and Ready to Mingle in Milan</strong>

Single and Ready to Mingle in Milan

Milan is just the place for first dates, and a second, and a third, of course! With all of the options to choose from on where to go, you never have to worry about going to the same place repeatedly or even better – running into an ex! From coffee to aperitivo, we have got you covered.


Let’s talk coffee first. For first dates, sometimes it is best to keep it short and sweet and a quick coffee date can do just that. If the date is fantastic, order a pastry or another coffee and keep chatting! But, if the chemistry is not as hot as your coffee, that quick espresso will give you the exit you need.

For a cozy coffee spot with no distractions, try Fiuri Milan in the Isola area. It isn’t spacious, but that is what makes it a perfect area to hideaway and actually be able to hear your date. You can sit at one of the tables tucked away upstairs or outside when the weather is inviting. Either way, this flower and coffee combination cafe is a good choice. If the date is a bust, you can at least buy yourself some flowers!

Cafezal in Milan

Cafezal, a 10-minute walk from Garibaldi station, has just the right ambience and, most importantly, some of the best coffee in Milan. With comfortable inside seating at tables or high chairs in addition to covered outdoor seating, this cafe is perfect for making possible connections, quenching coffee addictions and satisfying any sweet cravings (for pastries that is.)

Want to feel a bit fancier when drinking your coffee? Head to illy cafe Monte Napoleone, but make sure it is great weather so that you can enjoy the lovely courtyard seating. If you decide to go during busier times, like the weekend, expect to wait a few minutes to be seated, but it is worth it for great conversation and good coffee in a relaxing setting. When the date ends, fantastic shopping is all around you if a pick-me-up (or not) is needed!


But what if the date is going so well that you want to extend it into an aperitivo? Well, this is where places like Mercato Isola and Mercato Centrale come in. Mercato Isola is smaller and less crowded than Mercato Centrale, so this is a good spot if you would like a quieter area or fewer choices! The Isola establishment has restaurants and cafes that have a mix of food and drinks, while the Centrale location has a wider selection of restaurants with more specialities. Although it is said that opposites attract, it can be hard to make decisions, so the beauty of each of these spots is that each boasts options for all.

Mercato Centrale in Milan

Crowd-favorite Deus Cafe Isola is somehow the perfect combination of ambience and amount of people for a first or fifth date. You may have a longer wait during aperitivo hours, but it is worth it if you can. Botanical Club is another great date choice for sipping on delicious cocktails. With dim lighting, it sets just the right tone for more of an intimate setting, but it also has outdoor seating if you would rather have a lighter vibe. For the beer lovers, try La Buttiga Martesana. It can be crowded during the warmer weather seasons, but guests create makeshift seats around the bar in its large outdoor area. With its casual vibe, this is a great spot if you’re a beer-lover with first-date jitters. Bere Buona Beer in Porta Romana is another popular spot for those looking to quench that beer craving in a casual atmosphere. With a name that literally translates to “drink good beer,” it doesn’t seem that you can go wrong.

Dating is not for the faint of heart. However, dating should be fun. So, mix in a little good coffee, pastries, wine, beer – or all of the above – and you should be walking away with at least one “win” from these dates. We know there are tons of incredible places to explore on dates, but If you’re new to Milan, the above places are a good spot to start. But if you consider yourself a Milan resident now or a dating veteran, don’t be shy and share with us some of your best date spots!

Contact info@easymilano.com to share the hotspots in or around Milan! In the meantime, happy dating!

Article by Mary Catherine Holcomb for Easy Milano

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