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Artissima Art Fair

Artissima Art Fair

Artissima Art Fair is one of Italy’s most important contemporary art fairs. Held annually in the Oval Lingotto in Torino, it combines the international market with a focus on experimentation and research. This international fair brings together galleries from around the world, artists, collectors and art enthusiasts. Each year, they choose different curators to showcase their collections and expand on global themes and motifs.

At Artissima, visitors have the opportunity to explore a diverse array of contemporary artworks spanning various mediums. The fair is composed of three carefully curated sections that ensure attendees are exposed to the latest trends and developments in the art world. The sections are devoted to emerging artists, to the rediscovery of the pioneers of contemporary art, and to drawings and craftsmanship.The pieces are prized from €1000 to over €300,000. Do not fret if you can’t visit it in person; you can always check out their video galleries here.

The art fair was founded in 1994 and currently stands as one of the first and only art fairs in Italy, with an unparalleled focus on contemporary art, lesser known artists and their works. The original purpose of the art fair was to give those with less practical experience or exposure a place to display their works, in an attempt to make art accessible to all. In fact, at its inauguration, they held a special section for artists under 35 years of age to present their works or debut them too. They continue this tradition now with artists, enabling artists under 40 to gain an opportunity in the art world. The art fair values risk takers and is often drawn to galleries that are ready to wager on talent, and not just the market appeal of artists’ says the fair’s director, Ilaria Bonacossa. The art fair appreciates the publicity of modern artists over their economic value, which makes it stand apart from other fairs. In a world of homogenization, Artissima protects and cherishes authenticity within art.

With its vibrant atmosphere and true dedication to artistic excellence, Artissima Art Fair continues to be a leading destination for art lovers, collectors and industry professionals alike. Whether you’re an experienced collector or a curious newcomer, immerse yourself in the art world and stay updated with the latest news and updates by checking the official website, www.artissima.art.

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