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Elena Berneschi – Professional Coach


Date : 19/04/2023
Location : Milano

Elena Berneschi is a Professional Coach (ACC) and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Elena holds her in presence sessions in Milan, but also works in with people based anywhere through online meetings. She has a Master in Human Resources where she has studied Transactional Analysis and Neuro-linguistic programming (N.L.P.), after which she has continued her education studying counseling, career planning, cross cultural training and communication before discovering her passion for coaching and qualifying as ACC Professional Coach.

Approach and tools

She has chosen the Solution Focus Approach, which is not very common in Italy but well established abroad, as it is very practical and effective for those who want lasting change in their lives. Clients are supported to get to their objectives in the quickest possible way, by focusing on what they are already capable of doing instead of on what is lacking or that still needs to be improved.

Clients are also encouraged to move forward by taking a small step at a time, which makes the journey sustainable and enjoyable (and if you enjoy something you are less likely to give up).

One tool she uses is the Time Coaching, as being able to find time is often a requirement to start and carry out a project.

Areas of focus

Elena mainly helps individuals who:

– do not know what they want or

– know what they want but do not know how to get there or

– know what they want and know how to get there but do not do it.

Are you thinking of a change: starting their own business? Moving to a different company? Staying at different conditions? Studying something new?

Jobs and career are the most frequent fields of action: professionals that want to change job/role/field, individuals that want to get the most out of their careers/activities, or people that are thinking of starting their own business.

In this case the Decisional Coaching is a great tool, when clients are in front of a decision and need help to  understand what is the best option for them: a balance of pros and cons is often of no help to understand what is the right direction to take. As a professional coach Elena is able to ask questions that help consider a different perspective and come out of the deadlock.


Elena Berneschi

Milano, Via B. Eustachi 4

www.ebcoach.it – ciao@ebcoach.it

+39 347 1819739


Listen to Elena’s Podcast

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