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Ascanio Sforza

362_Ascanio Sforza_500x500_v01The best apartments of Milan in the Navigli area.

Our apartments are located inside a typical seventeenth century building of Milan, redecorated in compliance with the original architectural features.

The building tells the story of the architectural tradition of Milan and fits perfectly in the context of the territory.

The apartments are really spacious, ranging from 52 to 190 square metres, in order to answer to our gests’ needs for space. Every single detail of the interiors is elegantly taken care of, so to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere: from the branded home interior, to the wooden beam panelled ceiling up to the choice of Lombard nineteenth century furniture, everything has been imagined to make our guests feel at home.

The apartments overlooking the flowered courtyard are ideal for who is looking for silence and peace, the ones opening on the Naviglio Pavese offer a fascinating view over the city.

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Via Ascanio Sforza 55, Milano – Italy
Phone: +39 02 5815 14 01

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