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From the British Embassy Rome: NEW #TravelAware video for English speakers travelling to Italy

As part of our outreach activities, we are working on a series of #TravelAware videos designed to inform English speaking tourists visiting Italy on less known customs and rules.

This is a global campaign, and we are the first mission in Europe to have produced such a video, something that indeed makes us very proud.

This video in particular points out how local train tickets need to be stamped.
The message is very simple, and is the following:
>> You need more than just a ticket to take the train in Italy!
>> Buying a rail ticket could be worthless…
>> Unless you stamp it in one of THESE machines
>> If you don’t, you could face a large fine
We are also asking British tourists to sign up for email alerts on our Italy #TravelAdvice page on GOV.UK

Last but not least: should you decide to share, please do tag us. We would be delighted to RT and Share your native posts on Facebook. We would also welcome your support in gathering stats on reach and engagement… But we will be in touch about this at a later stage!

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