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Insider’s tips on Uffizi Virtual Experience

Insider’s tips on Uffizi Virtual Experience

Giorgia is a journalist based in Florence and always on the move.  As someone directly involved in the “Uffizi Virtual Experience”, a technologically groundbreaking art exhibition showcasing, in the heart of Milan, masterpieces from the Uffizi, she offers her insight for an intriguing visit of the show.

I close my eyes and remember myself walking in a room, surrounded by gigantic pieces of art in motion. Leonardo’s Annunciation, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and his Primavera, Giotto’s Majesty, Caravaggio’s Bacchus. Plunged in a spectacular environment, I saw another form of art, made with art. If you love art galleries and you are wondering how their future will be, than you can’t miss this digital exhibition in Milan. Until march 13th, at the Fabbrica del Vapore, an old steam factory now transformed in an on the edge cultural space, you’ll find Uffizi Virtual Experience. From Giotto to Caravaggio, the first virtual and immersive exhibition fulfilled in Italy, dedicated to the collection of the Uffizi Gallery of Florence. As part of the team
working on this project, I had the privilege to see the making of this spectacular and innovative show and I’ll tell you how to take the most of the experience.

Follow me in the immersive area, where enormous super high quality digitized artworks will lead you in a voyage in four centuries of Italian history of art, thanks to more than 30 huge screens where a variety of ultra high resolution digital images will appear. Here, you can comfortably sit on a beanbag and watch the best of the collection of the Florentine Uffizi Gallery. I would stay sit for the first 20 minutes video and then walk in the space while the video starts again and again.

UffiziVirtualEX_2Download for free the app UBILIA and see a list of the treasures on display with more than 50 images in super high resolution and a short description that allows you to enhance your visit and refresh your knowledge in the history of the Renaissance. When you are ready, you can move in the interactive area and see all those treasures on a large touchscreen. Choose an Uffizi Touch® device and let technology help you to discover and analyze any detail of more than 1150 artworks from one of the most important museums of the world. Thanks to the features offered by this extraordinary tool, you can zoom to the tiniest detail invisible to the naked eye, compare two images, read the description, explore all the collection following innovative learning paths.

You can also use all your body to interact with technology: play with the touch less devices and have fun creating new virtual experiences.


Article by Giorgia Boitano


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