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MuseoCity is an annual celebration that highlights Milan’s rich cultural heritage and art. This vibrant event invites locals and visitors alike to explore the city’s renowned museums, galleries, and cultural institutions, offering a unique opportunity to discover not only the Italian but also the international artistic heritage present in the city.

MuseoCity plans a wide range of events and activities organized at various locations across the city, involving an increasingly wider audience, encouraging them to frequent places of culture and promoting a vision of an accessible and inclusive museum, at the service of society – A place to share experiences and knowledge.

Just some of the participating places in MuseoCity are Armani / Silos, Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, Stelline Foundation and Palazzo Reale.

Armani Silos

Armani/Silos is a lively and open space, which illustrates Giorgio Armani’s professional experience, revealing a rich heritage of unique skills. It serves as a place to envision the future, a showcase of new orientations and lifestyles, capable of capturing the evolution of times and changing cultures.

Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense

The Braidense National Library has always fulfilled a dual role: as a preservation library, intended for an audience of lovers of historical and literary research, and as a reflection of the great Milanese book production.

Stelline Foundation

The Stelline Foundation is a historic Milanese institution established in 1986 by the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Milan. It is a place of planning, exhibitions, research, publishing and intervention for contemporary and twentieth-century art, but it is also home to a Conference Centre – a place of communication, fashion, technology, science and information for the regional and national territory.

Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Reale began its real activity as an exhibition center in 1951. It represents the exhibition heart in the center of Milan, a structure of the Municipality that for years has programmed, designed and managed large art exhibitions for the general public. 

On a rich and strong tradition, which began in the 1950s, work continues today which in the last ten years has positioned Palazzo Reale at a level of excellence both for the quality of scientific projects and for the variety of proposals. The most important role is played by the excellence of the curatorial projects, entrusted to the most eminent Italian and foreign art historians. Every exhibition at Palazzo Reale is a true “author’s” exhibition.

To make the most of MuseoCity and discover the various events, exhibitions, and cultural experiences happening throughout the city, visit the official MuseoCity website www.museocity.it.

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