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Photo Gallery: The Colors of Autumn Day Trip to Lake Como from Milan

Photo Gallery: The Colors of Autumn Day Trip to Lake Como from Milan

The Milano Culture Club by Easy Milano & Milano Style organized a fun, autumn event. On Novemebr 21, 2021 we went for an easy hike in the hills above Lake Como along the legendary Sentiero del Viandante, The Wayfares’ Trail with qualified excursion guide and host Elena Pettinicchio of Taste & Travel Italy. The Wayfares’ Trail is the ancient mule path once used by merchants and smugglers. We enjoyed the seasonal colors and panoramic views of Lake Como.

We departed from Varenna and walked to Bellano on the trail. After the hike, we cruised across the lake in a Venetian motorboat to Bellagio and enjoyed a lunch with some local specialties at a restaurant overlooking Bellagio with a scenic, panoramic view. Afterwards, we walked back into town and get the ferry back to Varenna.

Group selfie!

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The Milano Culture Club is a partnership created by Easy Milano and Milano Style, with the collaboration of local tour operators and cultural organizations. The main goal of the Milano Culture Club is to bring together like-minded, international residents and visitors who are interested in improving their understanding and knowledge of Italian culture. We advocate intercultural exchange and inclusiveness.


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Photo Gallery of Lake Como Day Trip

Here are some of the highlights from the November event The Colors of Lake Como in Autumn, day trip from Milan. Click the image to enlarge. More images can be found on our social media channels too.

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