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Rockers in pajamas

Rockers in pajamas

The music doesn’t stop, let alone rock !!! Take part in the contest “Rockers in pajamas” . 

From 7 April 2020 the first performances.

How ? 

It’s very simple to play 4 pieces live from home, which will be voted by a jury of music professionals, you don’t necessarily have to be in pajamas ( although playing in pajamas will give a bonus of 5 points on the total). 

We play a live on Facebook, 4 pieces in a row. These videos will then be reproduced on the social pages of the participating clubs and on those of Anthill. There are no artistic limits that the pieces are covers or unpublished, we just want there to be a soul, your story and a true Rock spirit without compromise. The votes that will be infected as a bonus will be those of the shares and comments displayed on our Anthill page.

 The more viral action you produce the more your points will increase. All these bonuses will be added to the votes of the jury (with a weight of 2/3 of the total). 

In the coming days, the list of members of the jury will be made public (local managers, journalists and experts).   


Participating costs absolutely nothing, we only ask you to make a donation related to the Covid 19 crisis to a hospital of your preference. There are no minimums and the amount donated will not be disclosed.

Just send the receipt of the donation and we agree on the live.   

Whoare the organizers?

 “Rockers in pajamas” started as a collaboration with  Davide Motta Booking director of Red & Blue and AntHill (Booking and Management) with some friends of prestigious Italian clubs where live music is played. Judging the performances, the vote of a jury of experts added to the likes on the social pages.

All performances will also be broadcast on Radio Atlanta Milano and shared on the social channels of Eventi Milanesi.  

 What do you win? 

Certainly there will be openings of concerts for quality artists. The possibility of being known by the clubs, but we are also thinking about how to reward you further. Certainly a lot of visibility, which at the moment helps to stay connected. Not bad since it costs nothing. Let’s break the guitar at the head of the virus and take back the stages!  

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