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Useful Italian Phrases for Emergencies in Italy

Useful Italian Phrases for Emergencies in Italy

While we hope for a smooth experience during your time in Italy, it’s wise to be prepared for unexpected moments. Knowing how to communicate urgent needs in Italian can be invaluable. In this guide, we’ve put together a list of essential emergency phrases – from seeking medical help to getting assistance in unforeseen situations.

Get an ambulance!Chiami un’ambulanza! (key-ahm-ee oon am-boo-lantz-ah)
He can’t swim.Non sa nuotare! (non-sah-noo-oh-tar-eh)
Help!Aiuto! (ahee-oo-toh)
I need help!Ho bisogno di aiuto. (oh bee-soh-nyo dee ah-ee-yoo-toh)
I’ve been robbed.Sono stato/a derubato/a. (soh-noh stah-toh/ah deh-roo-bah-toh/ah)
He’s fainted.E svenuto (eh sven-oo-toh)
I do not have a prescription.Non ho la ricetta medica (Non oh lah ree-chet-ah med-ee-cheena)
I don’t feel well.Non me senti bene (non mee sent-ee ben-eh)
I feel dizzy.Me gira la testa. (mee jee-rah lah test-ah)
I feel sick.Mi sento male. (mee sent-oh mall-eh)
I have a fever.Ho la febbre. (oh lah fehb-reh)
I am diabetic.Sono diabetico/a. (soh-noh dee-ah-beh-tee-koh/ah)
I need to see a dentist.Devo vedere un dentista. (deh-vo veh-deh-reh oon den-tees-tah)
I need a doctor.Ho bisogno di un dottore medico. (oh bee-son-yoh dee oon dot-tor-eh meh-dee-koh)
Can you recommend a good doctor?Puoi consigliarmi un buon dottore? (pwoy kon-seel-yar-mee oon bwohn dot-tor-eh)
I need something for a…Ho bisogno di qualcosa per… (oh bee-sohn-yo dee kwal-kohsah pehr)
I think I have…Credo che ho… (kredoh keh oh)
I’m constipated.Soffro di stitichezza. (sof-froh dee stee-tee-keh-tzah)
I’m having gas pains.Ho dolore di gas intestinali. (oh doh-lor-eh dee gahs een-test-ee-nahl-ee)
It hurts me here.Mi fa male qui (mee fah mah-leh kwee)
It’s an emergency!E un’emergenza! (eh oon eh-mer-jen-zah)
I have allergies.Ho delle allergie. (oh del-leh al-ler-jee)
I’m allergic to…Sono allergico/a a… (soh-noh al-ler-jee-koh/ah ah)
I’m having an allergic reaction.Sto avendo una reazione allergica. (stoh ah-ven-doh oo-nah reh-ah-tsyoh-neh al-ler-jee-kah)
I’m feeling very weak.Mi sento molto debole. (mee sent-oh mohl-toh deh-bleh)
Look out!Stia attento! (stee-ah aht-ten-toh)
My passport has been stolen.Mi hanno rubato il passaporto. (mee ahn-noh roo-bot-oh eel pass-ah-port-oh)
I’ve lost my wallet.Ho perso il portafoglio. (oh per-soh eel por-tah-foh-lyo)
I’ve lost my keys.Ho perso le chiavi. (oh per-soh lay kyah-vee)
I’m lost.Mi sono perso/a. (mee soh-noh pehr-soh/ah)
My whole body hurts.Mi fa male sopratutto. (mee fah mah-leh sohp-rah-too-toh)
There’s a fire.C’e un incedio. (chay oon een-chen-dee-oh)
There’s been an injury.C’e un ferito (chay oon fehr-ee-toh)
Can you call a taxi for me?Puoi chiamare un taxi per me? (pwoy kyah-mah-reh oon tahk-see pehr meh)
Can you help me find a police station?Puoi aiutarmi a trovare una stazione di polizia? (pwoy ah-yoo-tar-mee ah troh-vah-reh oo-nah stah-tsyoh-neh dee poh-leet-syah)
Where is the hospital?Dov’è l’ospedale? (doh-veh lohs-peh-dah-leh)
Where is the nearest pharmacy?Dov’e la farmacia piu vicina? (doh-veh lah far-mah-chee-ah pee-yoo vee-chee-noh)
Where can I buy medicine?Dove posso comprare dei medicinali? (doh-veh pohs-soh kohm-prah-reh day meh-dee-chee-nah-lee)
Where is the US embassy?Dov’e l’ambasciata di USA (doh-veh lahm-bahs-shee-ah-tah dee oo ess-ah)
I’m bleeding.Sto sanguinando (stoh sahn-gween-ahn-doh)
a broken boneuna frattura (oon-ah frat-toor-ah)
a bruiseun ‘ustione (oon oost-ee-ohn-eh)
a coldil raffreddore (eel raff-reyd-dohr-eh)
a coughla tosse (lah tohs-seh) 
a cutun taglio (oon tahl-ee-oh)
a headacheil mal de testa (eel mahl dee test-ah)
a sore throatun mal di gola (oon mahl dee goh-lah)
a toothacheil mal di denti (eel mahl dee den-tee)
an antisepticun antisettico (oon ahn-tee-set-ee-koh)
armil braccio (eel bra-chee-oh)
contraceptivesdei contraccettivi (day-ee kohn-trah-chet-tee-vee)
cough dropspasticche per la tosse (pahss-tik-kay pehr lah tohs-seh)
eye drops gocce per le occhi (goh-chee pehr leh oh-kee)
footil piede (eel pee-eh-deh)
heart attackcollasso cardiaco (koh-lahs-soh kar-dee-ahk-oh)
hipl’anca (lahn-kah)
legla gamba (lah gam-bah)
sanitary napkinsassorbenti igienici (az-ohr-bent-eh ee-jen-ee-chee)
sunburnla scottrature solare (la skot-trah-toor-eh soh-lar-eh)
tamponstamponi (tahm-pohn-ee)

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