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Val Tidone – a castle on every hilltop

Val Tidone – a castle on every hilltop

Rocca_d'Olgisio_VTYou know you’re in Val Tidone when you see a castle on practically every hilltop, when you find yourself surrounded by a literal sea of vineyards, and when the road winds lazily through one hamlet after another as it slowly rises, revealing breathtaking views of the hills and the valleys! When you have to slow down to avoid the hens pecking on the side of the road, and you start to fill your lungs with the sweet fresh air! The trees and the flowers! Yes! This is really a laid back country! And you’ve just arrived! So what more could you want?

History buffs love winding their way from one historical site to another, be it the oldest castle of the province, or the one where royalty slept, or the site of medieval battles and the historic residence where fiefdoms were won and lost over a billiard table! Nature lovers can follow the trail along the Tidone stream, Autumn_vineyardson foot, cycling or on horseback, 69 kilometers stretching from the Po River to Mount Penice and passing through some of the greenest woods and pasture land in between. How about a simple picnic in the pine forest at the Alpine Garden? Deer, rabbit, squirrels. Photographers are especially addicted to the scenery at every turn of the head just calling to be immortalized! And after it all, sit down to a traditional meal of fresh made pasta and seasonal recipes, accompanied by the local DOC wines, pure nectar!

A good way to catch up on the best times to arrive, the most interesting events, and where to eat and sleep, is to subscribe to the weekly newsletter of the local tourism office. It’s free and no obligations! www.valtidoneluretta.it Look forward to seeing you here, just an hour’s drive south of Milan!


Article by Elena Januszewski
photos by Anna Dallanoce

Ufficio Informazione e Accoglienza Turistica Val Tidone e Val Luretta
P.zza Garibaldi 18 Borgonovo Val Tidone (PC)
Tel. (+39) 052.386.1210

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