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Robert Dennis: Business English Teacher and Writer


Date : 20/11/2023

Robert Dennis

Freelance Business English Teacher, Writer and Translator

I am a highly-experienced Business English teacher, published author, creative copywriter and a resourceful translator from Italian into English. Contact me today to discover how I can help you or your organisation communicate more effectively.


I have been teaching English for over 30 years both in the UK and Italy. I specialise in teaching Business English and I have helped thousands of professionals to and use English successfully. I was Head of Business English at John Peter Sloan la Scuola, Sicily, for 3 years. I subsequently moved back to Milan, where I currently live and work.


I wrote “Business English“, a fun and easy guide for learning how to use the language at work. The book, which is written both in English and Italian, was published by Gribaudo, part of the Feltrinelli Group in 2020. “Business English” was also distributed via “Il Sole 24 Ore”, Italy’s leading financial newspaper, and was on sale at every newsstand in the country. The book explains how to get a job, write a great CV and navigate job interviews. It also covers the main Business English situations: meeting colleagues and clients, talking on the telephone, sending emails, taking part in meetings, doing presentations and travelling for business. The main characters of “Business English” include the Job Genie, who pops up to provide advice and guidance to Angelo Castello, a young man who travels to London to find new opportunities in his career and personal life.

Business English” was translated by Marta Castano, with illustrations by Sara Pedroni and a foreword by the late, great John Peter Sloan.

Buy my book on Amazon here.


I write creative copy and content for companies that want to reach new customers in English. I can refresh your website and create original content for marketing and communications in English. I am a regular contributor to Easy Milano. I write about culture and events, including theatre and music, in Milan.


Do you need a perfect English translation of material in Italian? I am an experienced translator and have worked with many companies to produce natural translations of websites, reports and all kinds of text.


Originally from London, I studied English at Oxford University and taught for 20 years in London. I teach Business English in Milan. I have also worked with a number of companies as a consultant and copywriter. I then moved to Italy and taught English in Milan. I have been involved in a large number of communications projects and have developed my copywriting and translation skills.


My whole life has been about language: reading and studying English literature, learning foreign languages – especially Italian – and using written language to both express myself and communicate with others. I am highly creative and able to generate original ideas for clients. I have been involved in blogging, networking, speaking events and helping individuals and companies to find exactly the words they need to get their message across. I am able to use my language skills to help people who have something to say to the world in English.


I work with a wide range of clients: from individual learners to large organisations that require English language support. I have taught at banks, including Barclays, Unicredit and Société Générale; insurance companies, such as Generali and energy companies, Eni in particular. I also collaborate with advertising and design agencies. I have led corporate training sessions and workshops both in the UK and Italy for leading companies in many sectors.


I approach every project with an open mind. Every client is different and has unique needs and preferences. For writing and translation projects I try to understand exactly what the client wants – and then I deliver it. In my teaching and training, I carry out a detailed needs analysis and then create the perfect programme tailored to the individual student or company.

Are you studying Business English for your work? Would you like to improve your ability in speaking, writing, reading and listening to help develop your career? Pay As You Learn.com is a website with everything you need: realistic and useful dialogues and articles in English, business situations including meeting new people, getting a job, talking about your work, telephoning, writing emails, taking part in meetings, doing presentations and much more. Learn more about the website here.


Want to find out how I can help you with your next English project? Call me or send an email to discuss your Business English course, copywriting project or translation.

Email: robert.dennis@gmail.com

Phone: (+39) 3470 573537

Website: robertdennis.it

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