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American Fashion Brands That Italians Love

American Fashion Brands That Italians Love

This month, American expats in Italy will be commemorating the 247th year of our nation’s Declaration of Independence. As much as we love to integrate into our adopted culture, on close assessment, many aspects of both American and Italian culture cross boundaries. One such aspect is fashion. Here we explore some of the American fashion brands that Italians love.

Italians are known for their style, and Italian fashion is famous worldwide. However, many American fashion brands are very popular in Italy. While Italy’s fashion is timeless and classic, the US clothing brands focus on more casual and sporty looks that have influenced Italy’s wardrobes for decades. 

The impact of US movies and TV series and the growing retail trade between the US and Italy allowed many American clothing brands and stores to expand overseas. 

When it comes to American fashion, there are specific styles that Italians particularly love: team and military apparel attract every generation, while the skateboard and street styles are usually worn by the youth. Another trending American style in Italy sees outdoor gear worn as the new “casual.” 

Here are some of the American brands that Italians love so much that they wear their clothes and accessories every day.

The Casual Ease of American Fashion Brands

man on bench wearing American fashion, jeans

Jeans and a shirt is a good “go-to” casual look / Photo Fee Dough, DP


Levis is one of the most popular American brands in Italy. Considered to have exceptional quality, when it comes to jeans, Italians always seek out Levis. 

This brand became truly iconic as denim jeans emerged in cultural movements during the ’50s and ’60s. With endless styles available, there is no Italian who doesn’t own a pair of Levis for their casual (but also sometimes more formal) outfits. 

Tommy Hilfiger

Another much-beloved historic brand is Tommy Hilfiger. Considered a luxury brand in the United States, however, in Italy, Tommy Hilfiger is more of a premium brand. This means that the product is not purchased solely for its label, but rather for its name, quality and reputation. Tommy Hilfiger clothing and accessories are commonly worn by many Italians for casual events.

Calvin Klein

one of the fashion brands with full seasonal collections for both men and women, Calvin Klein made its mark in Italy in the mid-2000s with branded billboards in every city from Milan to Palermo. The advertising has been toned down, but its success is still going strong. Calvin Klein labeled underwear is considered a luxury item and is worn by almost everyone over the age of fifteen. 

woman with fashion brands sunglasses on Italian scooter

American brands and Italian style /Photo Zoomteam DP

Michael Kors

Accessories are highly valued by Italians, especially women, who often include this brand in their wardrobe. Michael Kors is well-known for designing luxurious, ready-to-wear accessories that embody a sophisticated style that perfectly complements the Italian fashion aesthetic. This brand has been made even more popular by pop culture products like the famous movie “The Devil Wears Prada” and the reality show “Project Runway”. 


Sunglasses are among Italians’ favorite accessories, so much so that many people own several pairs to fit them into different outfits.

Made popular by Tom Cruise in “Risky Business”, the Ray-Ban brand was bought in 1999 by the Italian company Luxottica Group, and since then, every single eyeglass store has sold the American brand.

couple skateboarding wearing casual fashion

Street style and sporty looks are great for weekends and casual events /Photo Hay Dimitry DP


This American historic brand is known worldwide for its shoes. The Converse All-Star is a staple of casual Italian looks for both women and men. Paired with jeans, shorts, or skirts, these originally designed basketball shoes are the most American brand in the Italian imagination!


When it comes to well-known brands, Vans is a favorite among Italians. The epitome of SoCal and street style, Vans skateboarding shoes are comfortable and stylish. 

Perfect for both winter and summer casual looks, Vans are particularly popular among those born in the 1990s and younger generations. Of high quality and affordable price, Vans shoes are the first choice of footwear for many Italians. 


Italians love mixing sportswear with more classic elements. When looking for the perfect mix, Italians immediately think of Nike. 

Nike is why the “sneaker culture” took foot, (Pun intended) and a high-quality pair of Nike shoes are among Italian men’s favorite casual footwear.

New Balance

Another unmissable shoe for Italian men is the New Balance. A go-to staple for sneakerheads and those looking for a “dad-style”, New Balance shoes are usually worn to make elegant looks more casual. 

Italians wear New Balance shoes daily and often pair them with white shirts and blue pants. 

The North Face

The American outdoors brand The North Face specializes in creating clothing and equipment for a wide variety of outdoor activities. Nonetheless, this particular brand has gained immense popularity in the streetwear scene, which has also made its way to Italy. Italians mainly love The North Face jackets, which younger people widely wear during high school.  The backpacks also make excellent book bags! 


Another American streetwear brand loved by Italians is Supreme. As in the US, in Italy too Supreme clothes and accessories bridge different styles. 

Worn from North to South Italy mainly by younger people, Supreme T-shirts are worn to create different casual outfits and are among the “coolest” things to wear. 

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