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ATM and Phase 2: travel times and updates

ATM and Phase 2: travel times and updates

In light of the gradual restart of work activities scheduled for May 4, ATM informs commuters in order to use public transport, it will be necessary to wear a mask and gloves and respect the distance of 1 meter, which entails a drastic reduction in transport capacity: the vehicles will be able to guarantee approximately 25% of the normal load capacity.

These limitations, defined by the Authorities, will have a very significant impact. It may be necessary to wait in line at the stations and bus and tram stops before you can board. Inevitably, travel times will be much longer.

Collaboration of all passengers will be fundamental: the way of moving will completely change, the journey will be marked by new times and new rules. Respecting the requirements required by the authorities will be the first step to travel safely.

ATM will restart with full service. From Monday 4 May, the programming on the entire network (frequencies and times) will be that of a normal 100% working day. ATM will field all the staff available in the main metro stations and at stops of buses and trams to support and direct passengers.

In order to regulate the flow of passengers in the stations, ATM will close the turnstiles at Metro stations, to regulate to the number of users who will already be inside the platforms and trains.

Announcements will inform passengers about the situation and communicate the need to wait, as well as reminding passengers to respect social distancing regulations.

For surface transport, buses, trams and trolleybuses, there is no specific control system in place. Rather, passengers are invited to board only if the space inside the vehicle allows safe social distancingThe front door of the surface vehicles will continue to be unusable.

In case of crowding, the driver and the ATM operators will reevaluate actions to be taken, possibly involving the police.

Given the limitations imposed, ATM invites customers to plan their trips, trying to avoid the busiest times, namely the traditional peak hours of the early morning (7.00–9.00) and the afternoon (17.00–19.00).

See ATM website (English)

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