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Day trips from Milan for families with kids!

Day trips from Milan for families with kids!

Ten destinations only one hour away by car from Milan. The best choices when you run out of ideas in town. 

Castello di Gropparello
80 km from Milan

Travel back in time for a fantastic family adventure in an authentic medieval fortress. Castello di Gropparello is located over a ravine above the Vezzeno stream. This is the right place for a unique experience with knights, wizards, goblins, elves, druids, ogres and witches.

55 km from Milano

A theme park and museum completely dedicated to airplane lovers! Children and adults will have a great time and a chance to learn the history of flight and all its secrets.

Parco avventura Bergamo
66 km from Milano

Parco Avventura Bergamo is an adventure park inside a beech forest. Children ages three and above will enjoy various paths, climbing wooden walkways and rope bridges. Great fun, always safe!

Safari Park Pombia
70 km from Milano

Only an hour away from Milano you can enjoy a safari where you’ll see giraffes, hippos, monkeys, zebras, lions and tigers without leaving your car! You will also find a Reptile House, Insectarium and an amusement park for the youngest.

70 km from Milano

The one and only Wild West theme park in Italy! Cowboys and Indians will entertain you with shows and information of life and animals from the old west. Enjoy rodeo shows, a bandit train raid, pony rides and more. Don’t miss the Wild Wild West Restaurant!

Daytrips_2Parco della Preistoria
25 km from Milano

Take a stroll in an ancient woodland of over a hundred hectares and discover over 30 life-size prehistoric species. The latest of them – the Saltriosaurus, meaning “lizard from Saltrio” where the species was first found – is the largest carnivorous, over 8 meters in height, that lived in Italy over 2 millions of yeas ago. Complete your visit with a stop at the museum and the animal park with live animals.

Grazzano Visconti
70 km from Milano

A medieval village, next to a castle and a large park with a “fantastic” atmosphere, half way between dreams and reality where themed events come to life. Historical parades, archery and jousting will take you back in time. Don’t miss the Harry Potter show, a day with the teachers of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Minitalia Leolandia
40 km from Milano

An amusement park with more than 39 attractions extending over 200 squares-meters for all ages including an aquarium, reptile house, farm animals, play park and Minitalia where you will be able to tour the whole of Italy with 160 miniature replicas of the country’s finest monuments in about an hour. Young visitors cannot miss greeting Peppa Pig!

Movieland Park
130 km from Milano

A Hollywood inspired theme park, where you will be able to visit movie sets and meet characters like Rambo, Lara Croft, Zorro, Terminator and many more.

Parco Le Cornelle
50 km from Milano

The Cornelle Animal Park is a green area completely dedicated to animals and anyone who wants to learn about them. You will find over 100 different species: mammals, birds and reptiles in over 100,000 squared-meters built to ensure that each animal has a life as close as that of its natural habitat.

You will see many well-known species next to less common and endangered species like the Snow Leopard, the Japanese Crane, Lear’s Macaw, the red panda, White Lions and the rare White Tiger, totally extinct in the wild and the only one in Italy.

Article from MammamiaKids.it issue n. 22

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