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What is a SPID Digital Identity in Italy

What is a SPID Digital Identity in Italy

If you are planning to move to Italy, you will find that there is a sea of bureaucracy to navigate. One item on the essentials list is a SPID ID.

What is a SPID ID?

SPID stands for Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale (SPID), Public Digital Identity System and is a digital identity.

Made up of an encrypted username and password it allows residents in Italy to access public administration and government online services.

Since 2021, a SPID is needed to access INPS (Tax, income and revenue service) and most public administration and government websites.

What sites do you need a SPID for?

All public administration and government websites (local and national) require the SPID.

You will need a SPID for services such as:

  • Public administration
  • Resident Registry office
  • Financing
  • Citizen/Resident online portals
  • Municipal/Regional websites
  • Tax, legal and financial websites
  • Educational facilities and universities
  • Inquiries and reservations for public hospitals and clinics
  • Social and Community Services
  • Certification and Self-Certification Services
  • Services for families
  • Utility companies
  • Electronic Health Record
  • INAIL services
  • INPS services
  • Sending and requesting documents
  • Certification and Self-Certification Services

How much does a SPID Cost?

The cost for a SPID is free, however some providers require payment for the id verification process.

Can a foreigner living in Italy get a SPID?

Yes. You must have a valid Italian identification document (such as an identity card) and a tax code card, an e-mail address and a mobile phone for personal use. If you have a residence permit, you can request an Italian identity card and present it during the SPID activation request phase. 

Can Italians living outside Italy get a SPID?

Yes, click here for more information

Learn more about how to get a SPID in Italy here.

Article by Easy Milano Editorial Staff

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