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Date : 29/08/2023
Location : Via Solferino 17, Milan

Are you looking for a way to meet new people, have fun and stay fit?

Join the Milan Scottish Country Dancers!

Get your feet tapping and swing to the rhythms of reels, jigs and strathspeys.

Scottish Country Dancing typically involves dancers in couples tracing progressive patterns.  A typical Scottish country dance consists of intricate moves with some common variations.

The Scottish country dancing music is generally played by a fiddle, accordion, and pipes (a type of bagpipe). Traditionally, each dance figure corresponds to an eight-bar phrase of music.

From the members of Milan Scottish Country Dancers

Quando si prova la danza sociale, poi diventa difficilissimo smettere, anzi, si desidera impararne sempre di più. Ho sperimentato la Scottish Country Dance grazie agli stage della associazione veneta Scotia Shores, e seguendo i loro social ho finalmente scoperto i Milan Scottish Country Dancers proprio nella mia città: ho trovato un gruppo accogliente, entusiasta e pieno di iniziativa con cui condividere bellissime esperienze di danza e di festa!

Once you try social folk dance, it is very difficult to stop, indeed, you want to learn more and more. I experienced Scottish Country Dance thanks to the courses of the Venetian association Scotia Shores, and by following their social networks I finally discovered the Milan Scottish Country Dancers right in my city! I found it a welcoming, enthusiastic and energetic group with whom to share wonderful experiences of dance and celebration!

Milan Scottish Country Dancers

Scottish Country Dancing is great exercise and keeps you young!

Not only does Scottish Country Dancing offer physical activity, it also helps promote social interaction providing people with opportunities to create new friendships, reduce stress and improve your mood!

From the members of Milan Scottish Country Dancers

“A Scottish corner in Milan where you can have a great time, dance the night away, keep fit, enjoy yourself with nice people and every now and then feel as if you were back in 1550 or so, dancing at the Queen’s Court.”

Where to find Scottish Country Dancing in Milan

Milan Scottish Country Dancers

The association Milan Scottish Country Dancers is a registered sports association in Milan, Italy with the primary goal to practice, teach and promote traditional Scottish country dance and culture. 

Courses are held every Monday in the centrally located Brera district of Milan, Via Solferino 17. Events, dances, and formal balls are held for special occasions such as St Andrew’s Night in November, Burns Night in January and lots of ceilidhs (informal dances) in between. 

The group also travels! The Milan Scottish Dancers join sister organizations and groups spreading the joy of Scottish country dance throughout Italy and abroad. 

From the members of Milan Scottish Country Dancers

“I joined the Milan Scottish Country Dancing club 4 years ago when I first arrived in Milan.  Everyone was very friendly and immediately made me feel welcome.  Like most of the members, I went without a specific partner, which is fine because we dance in groups and usually change dancing partners for each dance.  The club also organises some wonderful dancing trips to other places – I’ve danced with them in Lisbon, London and in a romantic Scottish castle!”

Scottish Country Dancing has all sorts of advantages:

  • SCD is for people of all ages (from 8 to 80)
  • SCD is equipment-light: a pair of flat shoes is all you need 
  • SCD is inexpensive: membership of the Milan Scottish Country Dancers costs €30 per year, including insurance. Our 10-lesson courses then cost €60 each 
  • SCD is healthy: medical tests have demonstrated that SCD is very good exercise, both physically and mentally
  • SCD is fun (endorphins galore!) and highly sociable
  • SCD is cultural: being Scottish, it is steeped in history and tradition
  • SCD is international: there are branches of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society all over the world and, Covid permitting, we often use this as an excuse to travel and make new friends.
  • Our SCD courses are also in preparation for the traditional Scottish events that we organise: a St Andrew’s Night in November, a Burns Night in January and several ceilidhs (informal dances) in between. 


L1: for beginners, on Mondays from 19.30 to 21.00 in Via Solferino 17 (Brera), run by Sara
L2: for intermediate dancers, on Mondays from 21.00 to 23.00 in Via Solferino 17 (Brera), run by John
L3: for experienced dancers, on Wednesdays from 20.45 to 23.00 in Via Ettore Ponti 17 (Barona), run by Tom

Visit the website to see Milan Scottish Country Dancing course calendar


Ten-lessons class: 60 €

CSI membership: 30 € including insurance valid for one year

Payments preferably by debit or credit card


John Murphy and his daughter Sara, co-founders of Milan Scottish Country Dancers



Scottish Country Dancing is great exercise and keeps you young!

ITV news reported “Scottish country dancing delays the ageing process”. Research by the University of Cumbria revealed that Scottish country dancing offered health benefits and can help to delay the ageing process. The university’s Active Ageing Research Group worked with a team at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow to publish the recent findings in the ‘Journal of Aging and Physical Activity’.

The study found that Scottish country dancing can:

  • burn between 390-425 calories in a typical dance session – the same as you would burn playing badminton or golfing while carrying your bag
  • help to prevent diseases like diabetes, heart disease and arthritis – regularly taking part in any form moderate exercise can also help to reduce your chances of getting these
  • help to prevent degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s – the need to be coordinated and keep up with timings keeps your brain engaged
  • build bone density, core strength and agility
  • reduce stress and improve your mood

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