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Affordable Milanese Style Décor

Affordable Milanese Style Décor

How to decorate your home with Milanese Style without breaking the bank

Now that you live in Milan, you have probably started dressing and eating like a local, but have you applied your knowledge of Milanese style to your home?  Even if you don’t live here, you can make your home more Italian with these simple tips.  

About Milanese Design

Designed by Ettore Sottsass of Memphis Studio, Milan 1981 / Photo Wikimedia

Milan is not only the capital of fashion, but it is also the Italian capital of interior design and furniture manufacturing. Brianza, the furniture design manufacturing region spanning from Milan to Lake Como, is home to 172 furniture shops and 248 manufacturers in the wood and furnishing design industry. 

Milan is the center stage for the world’s most influential design week and trade show, Il Salone del Mobile, attracting over 370,000 international visitors each year.

While seeing the gorgeous showrooms, 3-D renderings, and glossy catalogs is exciting, not all of us can afford a luxury home curated by an award-winning design studio. However, there are things you can do to decorate your home and stick to a budget.

Calligaris is a made in Italy brand known for modern lines and shapes / Photo Scalo Milano Hub

Affordable Decorating

If you live in or visit Milan, the first step to creating a stylish home without breaking the bank is to visit Italy’s largest luxury furniture design outlet found at the Scalo Milano Outlet & More shopping village. You’ll find everything you need for your home’s interior design in this upscale shopping district, located just 15 minutes from the heart of Milan. Customers can rely on the expertise of knowledgeable sales associates who are informed about design and are ready to share their design ideas.

In addition to more than 150 designer clothing brands, it is also Italy’s first designer furniture outlet. There are 15 mono-brand showrooms making it Europe’s most prominent design district. The on-site showrooms offer designer interiors, home decor, and handmade luxury at up to 70% off retail prices.

If you are looking for ways to decorate your home Milanese style on a budget, here are our top 6 tips.

Get an overall idea of your budget

 You may decide to invest more in some spaces in your home/ Photo Tempur @ScaloMilano

Setting a budget for a home décor project is tricky, especially if you are doing it all yourself without the assistance of a designer.  It takes research and lots of window shopping to get an idea of prices.

Do some research online. Create a vision board on Pinterest and keep track of item prices.

Once you have some excellent ideas, you must prioritize your needs. Assign each space in your home a priority rating. You may decide that the bedroom is a priority and that investing in buying a comfortable bed is more important than, for example, the home office, which will be fine with basic elements and furnishings.

Ways to Save Money and Time on Decorating

Cushions, curtains and accents are an affordable way to decorate on a budget /photo Coin Casa @ScaloMilano

The key to decorating your home on a budget doesn’t lie entirely in the price of the item but also in the time spent making your vision a reality. The trick is to find ways to save money and time decorating while maintaining the same level of comfort and style.

Most of the essential elements of decorating a home, such as curtains, pillows and throw rugs, can transform the look of a room with little effort and cost.

Lighting is also another easy and economical way to restyle a space. Use ambient lighting, color chrome schemes and even playful designs to brighten your home.

Decorate with Style

The Turner Bookcase by Poltrona Frau / Selected items by Poltrona Frau
are available at Scalo Milano Outlet & More

Milanese style is elegant and straightforward, but the owner’s personality always shines through.  Milanese style might be defined as luxurious and contemporary, but finding what inspires your style is more important.

To create a personal style, think about what you love. It could be something as simple as a picture of a mountain. Or maybe you love listening to music.  A room showcasing your book collection or a gallery wall displaying your travel photos are perfect examples of home decorating ideas that will express your personality. Designing a room or a house is about you. It’s about how you want your space to feel, and it’s about what you love.

Get the Most Out of Your Space

No matter the size of your apartment or house, find ways to take advantage of each space. When you design rooms, decide on what purpose they must serve. Some spaces are meant to provide privacy and solace and may not require many furnishings, but color and lighting will be essential elements. Other areas are for socializing and gathering, and furniture such as sofas and chairs may take away surface area but will provide comfort for you, your family and guests.

Use Color to Enhance Your Decorating Experience

Play with bold colors and contrasts to change the look of any room / Photo by Kam Idris

A quick way to add a bit of life to your living space is with color. Using the right colors can set the tone for a room and give it that perfect, fresh feel. Start with a color wheel or theme (Mediterranean colors, Autumn hues, Shades of Gray etc.) to use as a base or for accents and accessories.

Be bold and play with contrasts between light and dark, warm and cool, earth tones and bright primary colors. Select a color palette that you love and have fun with it.  

In conclusion, decorating your home Milanese style on a budget is all about what you value and how much you are willing to spend. You can save money, time, and energy by paying attention to your priorities. Make a list of your top priorities (and stick to it!), and then organize your home around them.

Where to shop

Scalo Milano Outlet & More, Design District

Scalo Milano Outlet & More has the largest Design Outlet District in Europe / Photo courtesy Scalo Milano Outlet & More

The Scalo Milano outlet houses the largest European Design District with 15 mono-brand showrooms and 150 fashion stores. Shipping abroad or local delivery can be arranged for all Scalo Milano Outlet & More purchases.

Located just 15 minutes from the Milan city center, get there by Free shuttle service or the S13 railway link, which stops in front of the outlet at the Locate di Triulzi station.

Non-EU tourists can benefit from Tax-free services.

Home design showrooms and stores available at Scalo Milano Outlet & More

Bialetti   • Caligaris  •  Carillo Home  •  Coin Casa  • Excelsa  • Home & Cook • Kartell  • La Casa dei Sogni  • Natuzzi Italia •  Poltrona Frau  • Scavolini •  Tempur   

See a complete list of Fashion and Design Stores: 

Article by Celia Abernethy, EasyMilano.com

Images courtesy Scalo Milano Outlet & More press office and partner companies

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