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Date : 29/11/2022
Location : Via Enrico Caviglia, 3, 20139 Milano

A leading school in the photographic industry

Istituto Italiano di Fotografia (IIF) was founded more than 30 years ago. Today, it’s a leading school in the photographic industry, with IIF in English as its international department. Knowing how important it is to provide students with both a global and a local point of view, a few years ago IIF decided to open the school to English-speaking students. IIF is an avant-garde and multifunctional school, and it sees photography as an innovative expressive language. Therefore, it provides its students with solid training and artistic sensitivity and teaches them the contemporary language of photography to communicate across cultures, borders and markets.


IIF consists of three different sections, but each of them has the same goal: training professional photographers. The three sections are:


SCHOOL – Providing all-round education since 1993

    • Daily Courses: all-around education for those who want to become professional photographers.
    • Evening and Topic Courses: the same professors, studios, equipment and passion of vocational courses, but in the evening.
    • Workshop weekends: to delve into photography languages and techniques.
    • Photography courses for kids and teenagers: a mix of theory and practice to learn photography while having fun.
    • IIF in English: evening and intensive photography courses in English.
    • One-to-one lessons, and on-demand courses for schools and companies.


ARTSIDE – Exhibitions, publications and events to showcase IIF talents.

    • Expos & Events.
    • Books – publications supporting IIF students’ creativity.


PRODUCTION – A Photo Production Company that develops projects for its clients, offering the best IIF students a chance to enter the labour market.

    • Photo projects – editorials, covers, ADVs, catalogues, monographic books, brochures, photos for social media and websites.
    • Agency – photo agency representing new professional photographers.


Some of our clients are: Ermenegildo Zegna, Teatro alla Scala di Milano, Mipel, Fujifilm Italia, Nokia, Visa, Illy Caffè, McDonald’s, Barilla, Costa Crociere.


Learn more about Istituto Italiano di Fotografia or schedule a visit:

Istituto Italiano di Fotografia

Via E. Caviglia 3, 20139 Milan, Italy


General School Inquiry: study@iifmilano.com


Tel. +39 02 58105598




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